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Bosnijtsa recognised as guilty of the organisation of act of terrorism in New York

the Life imprisonment Adisu Medajaninu for preparation of act of terrorism in nju - jorkskom the underground in 2009 threatens the immigrant from Bosnia.

the Jury of federal court of New York recognised Medajanina guilty of preparation of act of terrorism, plot for the purpose of use of weapons of mass destruction and murder of citizens, and also support of the foreign terrorist organisations.

Under the version of the investigation, Medajanin together with the schoolmates Nadzhibuloj Zazi and Zarienom Ahmedzai planned to make act of terrorism in the next anniversary on September, 11th. All three some times happened in Pakistan where trained in camps of terrorists. School friends have told that the family of Medajanina has left Bosnia in the ninetieth and has lodged in nju - jorkskom area Kvins. Alis always was the ardent adherent of Islam and time and again said that the death loves more than life.

During proceeding lawyer Medajanina assured that its client was going to conduct abroad a romantic variant of jihad without causing harm to peace citizens and a damage to a city. However to convince of romanticism of intentions of the terrorist of jurymen it was not possible. Accomplices of Medajanina Zazi and Ahmedzai admitted that they were trained by insurgents of Al - Kaidy. And they were going to make acts of terrorism on nju - jorkskoj to a stock exchange, in Park Square and at the central station, but as a result have decided to begin with the underground, as it is the centre of all in New York - confirmed Zazi.

the punishment Measure to which will sentence Medajanina, will be announced on seventh of September.