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London has refused a political asylum eks - to heads of Bank of Moscow

news Yesterday in the morning has come that to the former chairman of Bank of Moscow Andrey Borodinu by the authorities of Great Britain is refused a refuge. Together with it there is no refugee and it zam Dmitry Akulinin. However, to speak about an extradition of both figurants of loud criminal case which is raised against them in Moscow, while early. Borodin and Akulinin named data on refusal it in a refuge hearings.

It is known that Borodin and its assistant have run away in Londongrad on a beaten path after many Russians who entered when - or in kontry with the law. Abiding in England under the visa does not give a guarantee from an extradition, but also does not mean automatic delivery at the announcement in the international search. The desire of Borodino to find refuge in England was confirmed earlier with its lawyer. Leah but it has received it or not and a leah submitted on a broader scale the application - secret, to open which officially does not hurry yet neither London, nor Borodin. The yesterday`s information on refusal to it in a refuge has come referring to an informed circle to England. To deny its London did not become. Its and Borodin directly has not denied. On its site there was only a message that lawyers while have advised to it not to make comments on hearings. So with a certain share of confidence it is possible to say that the message can be truth.