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Armenia is fined for refusal of participation in “ the Eurovision - 2012 “

Armenia will pay the penalty for refusal of participation in song competition “ the Eurovision - 2012 “ which will take place in the end of May in Azerbaijan. Such decision was accepted by the European broadcasting union (EVS).

as passes ITAR - TASS, Armenia should bring a payment for participation in competition, and also pay 50 percent from the sum of a payment as the penalty. In EVS do not specify the size of a payment for Armenia. Besides, the public television of Armenia should show the competition ending on the air. Otherwise the country can lose the right to participate in “ the Eurovision - 2013 “.

“ There are regulations, and after certain term the country which has expressed desire to take part in competition, cannot change the decision “ - has explained the representative of EVS Annika Niberg - Frankenhauzer. Thus she has added that at verdict removal motives on which Yerevan has decided not to send the singers to Baku were not considered.

on February, 24th the Armenian singers have declared that refuse to participate in “ the Eurovision “. As an occasion to such step the  destruction of the Armenian soldier - srochnika which one day earlier as it is declared, has been mortally wounded by a shot of the Azerbaijan sniper on border of two states has served.