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Rostehnologii and Renaults - Nissan create the joint venture on base the Autovase

By 2014 in Autovases foreign investors are ready to enclose 750 million dollars.     thereby, on the basis of the Russian motorcar giant the joint venture will be created.

the Report on intentions where such possibility makes a reservation, it is signed today in Paris between Rostehnologijami, the investment company the Three Dialogue and   French - a Japanese alliance of Renault - Nissan and avtovazom .

In case of process finishing up to the end the new structure will receive 74,5 percent of shares of the automobile giant in the using, thus to Renault alliance - Nissan will belong a package in 67,13 percent.

to provide a target expenditure of investments Renault alliance - Nissan in the nearest some months will be engaged in check of the financial, legal and ecological aspects connected with activity the Autovase .

Rostehnologii in the answer will spend re-structuring given out the Autovase credits. On repayment of a part of the loan which has been given out by state corporation, will be directed about 7 billion roubles. To receive them it is planned by means of sale of not profile actives.

Taking into account strategy presence on integration of the Russian car industry with the world market joint venture creation is quite correct and natural step, the chief executive of analytical agency " has declared; avtostat Sergey Udalov.

the Foreign alliance receives big enough share in new joint venture, but Rostehnologii Also remain, most likely, as that guarantor that the state will not forget about a motorcar giant and it will support - he has declared.

At the same time the expert recognised that news that the joint venture will be created only in 2014, has a little cooled market expectations that has led to depreciation of actions the Autovase .

it is valid, the statement for joint venture creation has seriously dropped today actions of the Russian automobile factory. So, as a result of the today`s auctions on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - RTS ordinary actions have gone down in price for 8 percent, and exclusive - more than for 10 percent. The reason was that fact that investors waited for an establishment of majority control over avtovazom this or next year, and the named 2014 - too long, according to the market, term.

Nevertheless, plans on expansion of the lineup descending from conveyors the Autovase While are realised to the full.

we Will remind that in the beginning of April in Tolyatti the new line on assemblage of cars in cost about 400 million euro has been started. It is planned that from the conveyor will descend to 280 000 cars in a year, thus 70 000 of them will make model Lada Largus, 70 000 it is necessary on Nissan Almera and 140 000 on one of Renault models.

Besides in 2014 on capacities of a motorcar giant manufacture of petrol engines by capacity to 450 000 in a year (by 2017) will be created.