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Ministry of economic development and trade has predicted a rise in prices for gasoline

Consumer prices of gasoline will continue the growth, at least in the near future, consider in minekonomrazvitija. Such forecast gives department in last review of the consumer markets. The interrogated experts have dispersed in estimations: one consider that fuel will rise in price all the May long and June, others - are assured of preservation of the prices at present level.

So, rather pessimistic forecast of a distance in it is information - the analytical centre (IATS) Cortes against which data leans in the review minekonomrazvitija. Retail cost of fuel will increase the next two months on 5 - 7 percent - the director for development IATS " believes; Cortes Paul Strokov.

we Will notice, throughout several months from the beginning of year petrol the prices for refuellings practically did not change. But have spread upwards in April. For last four they have risen for 0,6 percent, have counted up in minekonomrazvitija. The main reason - the termination of informal arrangements minenergo and the oil companies about a frost of the prices, explains Strokov. It Besides, predicts, fuel cost on refuellings will urge on a rise in prices in wholesale.

the Leading expert of the Union neftegazopromyshlennikov Rustam Tankaev with such conclusions does not agree.

45 roubles - in April the litre of Ai - 92 in Anadyr so much cost, it is the highest price on the country

Under my information, no arrangements with the oil companies existed at all - he minds. The prices for gasoline in the end of spring - the beginning of summer traditionally grow from - for the seasonal factor. Just at this time the country passes peak of consumption of fuel: the field season begins, and on roads appears more motorists. But the further rise in price will not be. And in May - June price lists will not correspond. Should not be and jump of cost of fuel in July from - for indexations of tariffs. And as a whole on a year the middle tier of the prices for gasoline will not punch psychologically important mark in 30 roubles. The present prices as a whole correspond to the market, Tankaev explains. Moreover, the expert, about seasonal jumps of the prices for fuel which usually occur in the spring and in an early autumn predicts, it will be soon possible to forget. we now have a scale reconstruction of oil refining factories, gasoline manufacture " considerably grows; - the expert explains. For January, 2012 in the country it has been made for 10,8 percent of more gasoline, than in the first month 2011.

Taking into account upgrade domestic NPZ it is possible to expect that shortly the prices for fuel are stabilised. And already occur it can next year - the expert considers. However, definitively upgrade NPZ should come to the end only by 2020. But when plans will be executed, the gasoline volume of output in Russia will increase almost twice. Instead of present 36 million tons at us will be about 70 million tons. Such quantity of fuel, even despite a motor car park of the country growing recently, with interest will suffice for home market and more remains for export, the interlocutor explains.

After the termination of reconstruction NPZ on sale abroad at us automobile gasoline will go basically. While, unfortunately, ourselves at times test in it some lack - Tankaev has told.

Besides, to get rid of seasonal jumps and time deficiency of fuel which that arises in one in other region, competition development in home market and absence of increase in tax loading on the manufacturer is necessary, he adds.

Nevertheless, in the near future threats of shortage of fuel in regions are not present. As a whole the market has now calmed down - the expert summarises.