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Astakhov has directed to the president the request for assignment of citizenship to son Bergset

As has informed a press - service   the Representative at the president of the Russian Federation by the rights of the child, Paul Astakhov has directed to the president of Russia the petition for assignment to Bjoern Mikaelju Bergsetu (Irina Bergset`s younger son) Russian citizenship.

In view of that Bjoern Mikael Bergset, 2007 is not till now the citizen of the Russian Federation, lives together with the person suspected of fulfilment especially of grave crime against sexual inviolability and morals of the minor, I ask you, dear Dmitry Anatolevich, taking into account a current situation to consider the problem on reception in citizenship of the Russian Federation of Bjoern Mikaelja Bergseta in the simplified order in   conformity with point and parts of 6 articles 14 FZ from 31. 05. 2002 No. 62 - FZ About citizenship of the Russian Federation Without the consent of the father of the child who is the citizen of the foreign state, in connection with absence of data on a place of its finding - Astakhov has underlined.

In April the Norwegian court has deprived Russian Irina Bergset of the parental rights concerning native son Mishi Bergseta. On court the inspector on especially important issues of Central administrative board SK of the Russian Federation which investigates case in the relation of father Mishi - Kurta Bergseta acted, business is raised under item 135 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (fulfilment of dissolute actions without application of violence concerning the person who obviously have not reached 12 - summer age).

At the same time, documents and certificates on the dissolute actions, presented by the Russian side, do not appear in the decision of the Norwegian court presented to Irina Bergset. According to the decision, Misha Bergset will constantly live with father Kurtom Bergsetom. Mother can see the Norwegian son once a year (a meeting - no more than 10 hours).

Paul Astakhov has noticed that it is difficult to name such decision fair.

We will support Irina and to render it all-round aid to protect its right to dialogue with own child. Business of Bergset - not unique business such. Today many women separated from by children abroad, unite in movement Russian mothers to defend the parental rights - the ombudsman has told.