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The head of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov wants to equate blogs to mass-media

the Ulyanovsk governor Sergey Morozov has suggested to consider serious critical records in blogs at meetings To a barrier which pass in the regional government.

As a matter of fact, the head of region has equated LiveJournal to mass-media: before to to a barrier invited only criticising journalists. They had an opportunity face to face to meet officials and to receive answers to all interesting questions. Thus the authorities tried to struggle with the official formal replies which followed often enough sharp publications in mass-media. And here now business has reached blogs. The Ulyanovsk region - region which in many respects it is possible to name blogopionerom . The virtual diaries in the end of 2010 were got by all regional ministers and heads of divisions - on informal to the order the governor. The purpose blogerizatsii - to approach the power to people, to adjust back coupling.

And here how to adjust back coupling with critics - blogerami, in the regional government precisely yet have not solved.

- Basically in blogs we react to criticism for a long time already, only, maybe, not strongly we advertise it, - Svetlana Openysheva has told to the correspondent the minister of information technologies of the Ulyanovsk region. - I consider that closeness from officials is not present. And here from outside blogerov - opposite. The big question, a leah will go they on a meeting To a barrier after all there it will be necessary to open the real name, instead of to hide under anybody.

With the official agree also blogery.

- To a barrier - a piece good: personal arguing and dispute are useful. Other question, a leah will listen to it officials, - speaks Ulyanovsk bloger urbanlich. - And here apropos razvirtualizatsii... By the experience of dialogue with officials in last times (day with the mayor, lilac disembarkation and so on), to a power appeal to come and to look and make all have responded schitanye units blogerov. In a network it is distributed: yes, we will come, we will look! But in practice nobody goes. However, recently the authorities really actively pay attention to a blog sphere. Known virtual pravdoruba Kamilja Bagautdinova writing in ZHZH under anybody simbiblis, for example, was invited in a working trip by the Minister of Agriculture of the Ulyanovsk region Alexander Chepuhin that bloger itself has looked, what affairs at landowners.

the comment

Alexey Kuprijanov , the honourable lawyer of Russia:

If we will look at structure of the basic search portals on the Internet we will see that the reference to so-called to Blogs it is allocated in a separate subsystem, just the same, as well as News . The probability of that the visitor searching for the actual information, will get to a subsystem Blogs promptly grows and already it was practically made even with News . Thus in News the information proceeding only from registered mass-media, and that not from everything, but only recognised as the corresponding searcher is published. An information source in News it is always known, mass-media bears the responsibility provided by the legislation for offences. For a defamation, for slander, for the reviling.

Another matter Blogs . Here any prints any thoughts which have come to his head and, please, the searcher spreads to their poor visitor.

Disclosing of a passport name of the author in a blog - it is unessential, disclosing of a source of the information - is unessential, conscientiousness - is unessential! It is possible to mind that on blogerov the legislation protecting from lie, slander and revilings, as well as on other citizens extends. Any blogera it is possible to make answerable both for slander, and for lie distribution, and for kindling every possible break a set. Yes, it is possible. But only on a paper.

Where it this unfair bloger ? Its blog is located often on the server in inaccessible Russian pravoohraniteljam jurisdictions, but also there anybody never identified it and does not gather. The example of a children`s pornography from which like struggle the whole world, and it prospers, shows that anonymity on the Internet should put an end for a long time. Why the blogs, collecting ten thousand visitations a day, it is necessary to equate to mass-media? Because they those are for a long time. They also are the real mass media. Therefore, I believe, here and the question is not present - became upon mass media - observe the law on mass-media in full. Here there is nothing new and in respect of legislative practice. So the question in any branch of an economy is solved. Requirements to the bus not such, as to a motorcycle. The firm to a monopolist in the market has grown, for example, cheeses, - on it the antimonopoly law automatically extends.

Moreover, it is necessary to settle legislatively activity of search engines which, certainly, had an opportunity to influence minds of citizens. At desire any large searcher can so to rake over the coals to public as to television also did not dream. the searcher - the strongest weapon of public influence and consequently it should be supervised adequately. On the other hand, only searchers can supervise observance blogerami, responding signs of mass-media, performance of the legislation on mass-media.

If the searcher will cease to show any blogera from - that that was not registered when due hereunder, has not opened the name and the real address, such a blog as the information resource will quickly die. For the decision of this complex of problems, I believe, the law on information resources on the Internet is necessary. In the new law it is necessary to describe precisely a legal status and duties of all elements of a network the Internet, including blogs, social networks and search engines, in respect of maintenance of conscientiousness of authors, including real tools of compulsion. And zhupel censorships here at anything. The unconscientiousness exception, punishment of offenders - not is censorship.