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The president of Poland has urged the European politicians not to boycott Euro - 2012

Leaders of Holland and Austria, and also the high-ranking officials of the European commission plan to boycott Euro - 2012 in Ukraine from - for situations with eks - the prime minister of this country Yulia Timoshenko starving in the Kharkov colony.

German chancellor Angela Merkel, according to mass-media, it was not defined yet, a leah to recommend to members of the government of the country to refuse trips to Ukraine during the European football feast. In the meantime, the president of Poland Bronislav Komorovsky urges the EU countries to refuse idea about boycott of the Ukrainian matches of the European championship on football which starts in a month in cities of Poland and Ukraine. According to the Polish leader, such appeals are absolutely inadequate situations.

I consider that appeals to boycott are absolutely inadequate to a present situation in Ukraine. In the different countries with old democratic traditions there were situations with sentences, or charges of presidents, prime ministers, for different bad things, but anywhere it did not lead to boycott of such sports tournaments - has explained Komorovsky. A leah

So to boycott Euro matches in Ukraine? Unities on this bill are not present either in Europe, or in the Poland. For example, the head of Eurocommission Jose Manuel Barroso, to be exact its representative, answers this question: Yes! but, according to local mass-media, it also was not going to go there. it is obvious that at an existing state of affairs, the chairman does not plan to go to Ukraine and to participate in these events - chapter has informed in the beginning of week its press - services Pija Arnekilde - Hanssen. However Polish the Newspaper of Vyborcha Has written referring to sources to Eurocommission that Barroso has really received the invitation to the major events of the championship, but a trip from the president of UEFA Michel Platini on one of them have not been planned, moreover, Portuguese Barroso was not going even to visit the first match with participation of the Portuguese national team (on June, 9th Portugueses play with Germans in Lvov). The member of Eurocommission on justice of Vivian Redding also does not plan to use the invitation of Platini from - for a dense operating schedule and concern in connection with a situation with Yulia Timoshenko. It is one more factor which disturbs Poles.

Redding has refused to arrive on championship opening. And after all it will take place not in Ukraine, and in Poland! The president of Poland recognised in the reference: Boycott of the Ukrainian matches of Euro - 2012 will hurt also to Poland . With the similar reference to leaders of the countries of Europe representatives Polish the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have acted. According to local diplomats which coincides with the UEFA position, it is not necessary to mix sports and a policy. Though Poles do it. The head of the largest opposition party the Law and justice Yaroslav Kachinsky demands to transfer matches of the championship from Ukraine to other country.

In the meantime, carrying over of matches of Euro from Ukraine is already impossible at least because mullions-strong advertising contracts, including, with local sponsors are already concluded, and their cancellation would be accident for the European football union.