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The defender of the Brest strong hold has shared memoirs on June 1941 - go

It unique of the defenders of the Brest strong hold who have remained in Belarus. There lives Peter Pavlovich Kotelnikov in Brest. Holds its citadel, does not want to release. However to find the veteran of the house, thus, that to it already almost 83 years, have appeared business uneasy. That it together with spouse Antonina Grigorevnoj on a country summer residence... In Moscow.

- Has sent one, did not worry, because the good fellow traveller in a compartment has got, - from a threshold Antonina Grigorevna tells to me. To Moscow Peter Pavlovich left in the end of April - all on a week, to children. Solve together an important question: search for archival acknowledgement, in what day Kotelnikov was born. Restore metrics . Life has lived with record in the passport: on May, 10th. But knew that date - inexact.

- Here is thought to move to children Moscow, and there the residence permit needs the birth certificate. And it at Peter Pavlovicha is not present, - explains the spouse.

it is visible, since the early childhood by the destiny it has been foreordained to Peter Kotelnikovu to become the son of a regiment . Was born in 1929 in village Bogojavlensky Zemetchinsky area of the Penza region. When he was 6 years old, mum has died. The father has taken away children in Tuapse. Then and it did not become. The orphan has appeared in one of children`s homes of the Rostov region.

There Petja has learnt to play an alto, and in its 1940 together with four companions have taken away the pupil in a musical platoon 44 - go a shooting regiment...

After some days I have again visited on a visit Kotelnikovym. Peter Pavlovich has already returned and, despite a tiresome trip, looked vigorously. I ask to tell that was with 44 - m a shooting regiment and its pupils further...

- We have appeared in BSSR, in a military camp Slobudka under Pruzhanami. The shooting regiment carried crimson buttonholes, and at us were quartermaster. Green, as at frontier guards. Than we, children, very much were proud, - Peter Pavlovich remembers, trying not to miss even fine details.

in the Spring 1941 - go Slobudka began to become empty. The regiment on the sly moved to Brest. Peter Kotelnikov to whom went then 13 - j year, its messmates Volodja Kazmin and Volodja Izmaylov have ended the fifth class at school and in May on a narrow-gauge railway by train with a steam locomotive - a cuckoo have reached station Oranchitsy. Then by rail - to Brest. Profits to a place of a disposition 44 - go a shelf, it took place in ring barracks of a citadel (today this part of a structure does not exist).

- On the second floor of barracks there were two-storeyed plank beds with straw mattresses and pillows, - remembers a severe life of a strong hold Peter Pavlovich. - Later I have learnt that in 333 - m shooting a shelf where Petja Klypa was nurtured, to soldiers have carried more - they slept on beds.

In a strong hold young musicians had the real army life: constructions, rehearsals, lifting and a release. There was also a free time which boys used for walks on vicinities.

Peter Kotelnikov feels sorry till now that and it has not turned out to give the present concert in a citadel:

- In June, 1941 the premise for rehearsals, probably, was on repair. Therefore we with an orchestra played shaft between Northern collars and the Western fort. When soldiers passed by, we greeted their marches and songs. I remember the Egersky march the Columned march imagination the Hunter in mounts . But we and had not time to give a concert in a strong hold. And after all we had a remarkable amateur performance...

I Am interested, a leah it was possible to get acquainted with pre-war Brest? What was a city?

- before war it was possible to visit Brest only once. Us have taken out to a sewing workshop for primerki - the summer regimentals were sewed. The form was ready, and on June, 22nd it was necessary to leave in a city to take away new things.

- Really hearings were not about war?

- hearings Went, but they were stopped. Scout planes flied often over a strong hold - German and our. And the Soviet fighters did not rise. It was remembered that on June, 21st over a strong hold flied small samoletik like kukuruznika . That it was for flight, I do not know. But approach of war not only was felt: on each gathering to us repeated that in case of an attack all need to gather for a strong hold at Northern gate. However, on June, 22nd to them Volodja Kazmin has reached only. It there has not found anybody and has adjoined fighters in East forte...

last peace day young musicians rehearsed at Northern gate. And then boys have run to search for the bird`s nests. During walk the parcel has found. In it there was a Soviet boundary form and man`s shoes. Boys have hidden a find in one of casemates, and have then shown to the foreman. The form that of visors, and has suggested to sell shoes.

- Thought to make it on Sunday when we will go to a city behind the form. And at daybreak we were woken by strong blow. Has punched a roof. Me has deafened. Has seen wounded and killed, has understood: it any more doctrines, and war. The majority of soldiers of our barracks were lost in the first seconds. I after adults have rushed to the weapon, but rifles have not given to me. Then I with one of Red Army men have rushed to extinguish a ware warehouse. Then with fighters has passed in cellars of barracks next 333 - go a shooting regiment. There too there were my coevals - musicians, pupils of other regiments. The weapon to us did not give. We helped wounded men, carried it ammunition, meal, water. Through the western wing made the way to the river at night to type waters, and came back back. On June, 29th the group of fighters has gone on break, and us took with itself.

Then in life of in a moment matured Peter Kotelnikova there was a camp for prisoners of war in Bjala - Podljaske where he has got acquainted with Petja Klypoj. There was an unsuccessful runaway, prison, hunger, a beating and mockeries, again runaway. Then Kotelnikov with companions has appeared in Zhabinkovsky area in village Saki where children worked on individualists - helped on an economy for meal and clothes. All attempts to get on front have not gone right...

Peter Kotelnikov has connected The post-war life with army. Took part in operations in territory of Ethiopia, fulfilling an international duty. Ministered in the Western group of the Soviet armies in Germany. Today it the colonel in resignation. It is awarded by orders and medals.

- the Film the Brest strong hold removed on means of Union State what has made upon you impression? After all you - a prototype of the protagonist of a film of Sashi Aksenova.

Peter Pavlovich among the first has watched a film: Was on prepremier display in Minsk. The veteran sighs and rubs an eye hand:

- At me already unimportant sight therefore listened more. The film perfectly well is sounded. Especially battle scenes are truthful. Explosions of bombs and shells, stutters of a machine gun...

- It is sad that that war did not become last, - is connected to conversation of spouse Antonina Grigorevna. - Our son Sergey with group of the Russian experts worked in Iraq. When operations there have begun, we with a sinking heart watched news on the TV, especially listened attentively and peered at plots about evacuation of Russians in which number there was Sergey. Fortunately, has managed.