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In Russia to give bribes it is much more dangerous, than to take

the Judicial statistics has opened surprising law: to give bribes it is much more dangerous, than to take. Giving hands have huge numerical advantage on docks before the taking.

the Judicial department at the Sovereign court of Russia has published the data of judicial statistics for a year. The cold analysis of figures gives hot food for reflexions. For last year for bribery 3 thousand persons have been denounced almost. In the majority the people caught for a generous hand did not argue, were not locked. To the contrary, admitted, blamed and asked to consider case on special procedure. It means on - fast.

the Curious detail: seemingly, it is nothing a consequence was to talk to the bribers, no interesting information on corruption at them existed. People simply wanted to solve small or not so problems, and as a result of 2 thousand 279 bribers have been denounced in a special order. The system has worked almost as on the conveyor.

272 officials for a year are denounced for bribes under aggravating circumstances, including in the large sizes

Only one person caught with an envelope, has entered into the pre-judicial agreement. It means unique knew about corruption something important: aby with whom pravoohraniteli transactions do not conclude.

As a whole we pravoohraniteli last year have a little weakened a grasp in fight against corruption. These are conclusions not journalists and legal experts, and the State Office of Public Prosecutor. Some days ago supervising department has extended the report of the General public prosecutor of Russia in which decrease in productivity of work of investigating bodies on affairs of a corruption orientation is marked in the Federation Council.

the Dry statistics to that the proof. For bribe reception in 2010 it has been denounced 2 thousand 185 persons. Last year 992 bribe takers guilty 1 thousand have been recognised. Wages accused of reception generally prefer to fight for a good name. Only 924 bribe takers have been denounced in a special order, from them 23 persons have concluded the bargain with a consequence. The others were protected, as could.

Figures confirm a tendency: for any our reasons pravoohraniteljam it is easier to catch the simple person trying to grease bureaucracy wheels. It is good or bad, what pravoohraniteli come from the giving end? Opinions of experts in this respect disperse.

Some jurists consider, it is necessary what rigidly to undertake bribers that the hand giving an envelope, shook with fear. A pier then people will cease to corrupt officials with gifts. In this logic there is one weak place: the taking hand should be afraid not less, differently the system will not work. Who would bribe officials if all questions dared fairly and simply?

Who from officials would take, be reception of a bribe by game in Russian roulette? Now, as practice shows, even for a large bribe under aggravating circumstances korruptsioner can receive conditional term. The statistics will not say lies: last year 116 denounced have been sentenced to imprisonment conditionally for bribe reception under aggravating circumstances, including in considerable, large and especially large size. Probably, they, and the main thing, their colleagues, should be frightened strongly from it?

However, for bribery too usually strictly do not judge. As a rule, the person receives either the penalty, or conditional term. Though 270 bribers nevertheless have gone for a lattice. And one of them has received term more than 10 years. Any bribe taker has not sat down so for a long time. However, 50 bribe takers have gone for a lattice for the term from 5 till 10 years that too it is a lot of. As much time will spend in prison of 12 more bribers.

In misfortunes of the stretched hand with an envelope at desire it is possible to see and the positive moments. Pier, officials began a thicket to signal about bribing offers. Otherwise the majority of criminal cases against citizens with envelopes simply would not happen. It is curious that give bribes even those to whom on a post it is necessary to take. Here some examples. 43 - the summer inspector of GAI has been denounced for attempt to bribe operupolnomochennomu department of own security for passage of extraordinary certification and the nominee coordination on a post of the commander of a company. The employee of own security has refused, and it should guard the captain. But the GAI officer has shown persistence that has not finished to good. At attempt to give to the fighter with corruption of 144 thousand roubles and 200 dollars the captain has been detained. The court has appointed to it punishment in the form of the penalty at a rate of the twentyfold sum of a bribe - almost 3 million roubles. And the Minister of Finance of one of regions for a bottle of cognac and a chocolate has agreed with the chief of a local pre-trial detention centre that that has resolved to it appointment to the relative who has got to the state house. As it was found out, even innocent, apparently, gifts when they come to an end with indecent things, too can appear a bribe. The official have sentenced to the penalty in 35 - the multiple size from a bribe. Has run 27 thousand 93 roubles of 53 copecks. So all of us people, all of us are guilty.

In many departments of officials award for signals about bribes and if to the person promise a trifle it is easier to it to inform, than to take. Though refuse and large gifts, all depends - into whom will run.

There is one more moment why bribe takers on a dock have appeared in obvious minority. More often the people taking in a pocket, judge under article swindle . Naturally, they get to other column of statistics, and how much such as though Bribe takers it has been denounced, to calculate difficultly.

Quite often official or the small fry seized pravoohraniteljami, ministered only transfer link. They took not for themselves, and for the chief. To solve a question such accused could not - there were no powers.

However on a consequence the officials caught with an envelope sometimes take all fault on themselves supposedly operated at own risk, deceived the advowee. Such version frequently appears convenient all - and to the heads, and pravoohraniteljam, and to court. And the got person receives term for swindle as if he deceived bribers. Image would turn out like too corruption, but any casual, not spoiling to anybody.