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The large family from Vladivostok has refused a free ground

The day before administration of Vladivostok has vigorously reported on the beginning of distribution of sites to the first large families included in the register on reception of the earth under corresponding regional law. But, as it was found out, the family standing in the register under N 3, intends to refuse a state gift.

- Here there passes a high-voltage transmission line, - the potential land owner and the father of three children Ivan Ratushnenko shows upwards, on the wires tense between columns. - and there the small river flows. Quiet today, during time at all too heavy rains it spreads and heats all site.

Certainly, Ivan continues, it is possible to make otsypku, but a leah will give it a guarantee from deluging? Most likely, in due course it smoet together with the house. However, and the house here, in general - that, there is no place to build. On the one hand, being guided by sanitary rules and norms, from LEP, with another - 5 metres 10 metres are necessary to recede from the river.

Places for building of the house for the big family on klinoobraznom a site with a corner in 26 degrees simply does not remain.

- In spite of the fact that the authorities publicly promised time and again that sites with a difficult relief will be not less than 17 hundred parts, the area of this site - 10 hundred parts. Considering all restrictions, the useful area is reduced almost in half. The site is unsuitable not only for building - here even a kitchen garden will not break - frogs will grow only, - Ivan continues.

Understanding that the city has not enough free earth, Ivan and his wife Elena also did not count on hectares of the fertile and improved earth in prestigious suburb. But that to them will offer such - did not see even in bad dreams.

is means, what large families can be offered full nelikvid and to local authorities all the same, what site to offer if only in time to report on law execution? - Asked Ratushnenko at present on delivery a site of officials.

Questions of parents having many children broke about a wall of the official bewilderment.

- If to me gave such site free of charge - I it would take and have sold, - the director of municipal state establishment " speaks; Complex development of the earths in the city of Vladivostok Andrey Skotnikov, whose employees drove in at this time pegs into triangle borders.

On the remark that of own will here nobody will lodge - knowingly around all is occupied, and till now nobody applied for this place, he has preferred not to react.

But has given advice to look back around - all houses stand on otsypkah. As to the river, with which so has carried Ratushnenko, eventually, its channel on a broader scale can be turned. But to estimate similar works did not undertake.

Ivan and Elena tell that, having examined the earth, wanted was to refuse it that then again to rise in turn on site reception, but in the answer have heard: it is not necessary .

- In management of the municipal property to us have told: take that give, differently receive nothing. The law does not provide deniability, - quote officials of the spouse.

Representatives of public organisation operating in Vladivostok Advice of parents having many children where Ratushnenko enter also, ask a question why, for example, in the next Khabarovsk sites are distributed on a toss-up that does not give possibility to officials to distribute tidbits to the people, and in Vladivostok is not present?

Such closeness directs at bad thoughts, Igor Pesnja, one more member " speaks; Advice of parents having many children (to it it is cut next with a triangle a site).

Distribution of sites only has begun, and suspicious cases already take place. So, site N 2 in settlement Labour has been cut off from the big site. Its second part, according to the logic of things, should get N 3, but as it was found out, at it to cutting discrepancy has been admitted.

- there Was an imposing on the ground area of the wife of the veteran of war and the invalid. We, unfortunately, have committed an error and have not considered their interests. Now the site is repeatedly divided, but not registered yet. On it can leave about two months, - Andrey Skotnikov has explained.

Term of reception of the earth at Ratushnenko (on it the regional law takes away the law of 180 days) expires on June, 21st, and they are ready to wait. But officials hand over to them a triangle . Ratushnenko and the Song Perhaps, assume, on a site in Labour there are other applicants.

- We have developed the regulations project about granting of the ground areas where such moments as public hearings, a toss-up, the mechanism of refusal of sites are shined. Since March the document walks on power structures, but, apparently, seriously nobody considers it. It turns out that in words at personal meetings and the governor, and the mayor of Vladivostok absolutely on sew to the party. But concrete actions we do not see, - Igor Pesnja makes a helpless gesture.

Trying to defend the rights of the family, Ivan Ratushnenko has registered in reception to the chief of the department of the municipal property of Vladivostok to Valentine Ignatenko - its signature costs the order about delivery a triangle Ratushnenko.   Yesterday on personal meeting with it the family of Ratushnenko has received acknowledgement: The given site is suitable for building, water can be taken away, the mayoralty operates according to the law, giving the generated sites according to the register, Ivan has short told about conversation results. Ivan intends to go further: it has prepared the reference to the plenipotentiary of the President in DFO to Victor Ishayev, the governor of Primorski Krai Vladimir Miklushevsky, the head of Vladivostok Igor Pushkarev.

the Inquiry

According to administration of Vladivostok today in the register on free reception of the earth it is included an order of 570 families. According to the law large families receive free of charge for individual housing construction from 0,07 to 0,2 hectares of the earth.