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Electronic bracelets for prisoners can combine with alkotesterami

Prison department studies a question, a leah it is possible to combine electronic bracelets with alkotesterami.

the Ideal variant that the special electronic escort not only traced movement denounced to freedom restriction, but also signalled about binge. After all while the person serves time, not time to drink.

Yesterday Elena Zarembinsky has informed on similar plans the head of department of the organisation of execution of the punishments which have been not connected with isolation denounced from society, Federal Agency of execution of punishments of Russia. We will remind, two years ago in the country there was a new humane penalty: freedom restriction. The person leave at liberty but that he has well thought over the behaviour, it it is literally obkladyvajut interdictions. There do not go, there do not appear, sleep at night. For control over such denounced electronic bracelets are used.

We study possibility to combine control devices with alkotesterom, - Elena Zarembinsky has declared yesterday. - The more possibility to supervise behaviour denounced, the more motivating for them to observe the restrictions appointed court .

Since this year inspections of prison department have taken over the control also of those to whom the court has appointed house arrest. Time there was a responsible structure, there is a hope that such humane measure will be applied more often. Before it was not clear, who should watch, that the house prisoner was at home. And - as? You will not put to each apartment of the sentry. Therefore the person on remand and the defendant tried to send whenever possible in a pre-trial detention centre.

Now the problem is solved by Federal Agency of execution of punishments. As Elena Zarembinsky has informed, from the beginning of year house arrest was appointed about 500 times. Now criminally - executive inspections supervise 341 - go the house prisoner. According to the representative of prison department, it is not excluded that for supervision for a house sit-round gathering videocameras and video registrars will be used. The last will be attached on clothes of the person that the inspector could see every minute where that is and than is engaged. But here there is a thin moment: after all the house prisoner as a rule lives not one. The chamber should not to watch its members of household. Especially - in juicy situations. So the operation mode of videocameras and video registrars in similar cases is necessary for thinking over and strictly to register.

Besides the governmental order project, resolving to put on electronic bracelets on house prisoners, and also conditionally denounced now prepares, is conditional - ahead of schedule released and other present and future wards criminally - executive inspections.

As already wrote, the bill is developed, offering to pass under control of inspections of prison department at liberty is conditional - ahead of schedule released prisoners.

And from next year criminally - executive inspections will start to supervise and pedophiles by whom forced measures of medical character are appointed. The same chemical castration. Inspections will watch, that the person did not pass sessions. In certain cases control can proceed for life, after all such people are incurable. Electronic bracelets will allow to look after each of them.

For last year it was possible to create and introduce electronic bracelets in 60 subjects, - Elena Zarembinsky has told. - the batch production necessary for this equipment at the enterprise in the Samara region is already adjusted. Last year it has been let out more than 20 thousand devices .

In regions stocks of electronic bracelets are already created.