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As a result of explosion in Bahrain four policemen

Law enforcement officers were lost have been wounded as a result of bomb explosion in Shiit village to the West from capital of Bahrain of Manama, passes Interfax .

Four policemen have got wounds as a result of a terrorist attack in Bani Zhamra village, from them one person is in a critical status - have declared in the kingdom Ministry of Foreign Affairs on page in a social network Tvitter .

attack Details are found out. Organizers of explosion while are unknown.

Shiits make the majority of the population of Bahrain, however the power is in hands at sunnitskoj tops in this connection redistribution of incomes of the country goes to advantage sunnitov. The dissatisfied Shiits excited in the Arabian spring regularly spend protest actions to put an end to religious discrimination in the country.

For the termination of protests in the country the day before the king of Bahrain Hamad ben Isa al - the Caliph has countenanced amendments to the country constitution, however the Shiit opposition named them formality . Changes vest local parliament with the big powers and the right to be converted to the monarch with the request of resignation of this or that minister, and also the head of the government of the country. During the ceremony arranged in honour of acceptance of the constitutional amendments, king Hamad named an event a turning point in the history of Bahrain also has urged all political forces to join process reforms and progress .

we Will remind, mass national stirrings in Bahrain have begun in the middle of February, 2011. The opposition forces presented in basic Moslems participated in demonstrations and protest actions - the Shiits making 75 percent of the population of Bahrain. They demanded expansion of the rights in the country which corrects sunnitskoe minority. Opposition performances in Bahrain have been stifled in March of last year with the assistance of the military contingent directed to Bahrain by Advice of cooperation of the Arabian states of Persian gulf (SSAGPZ). In the country have passed arrests of active participants of disorders from which more than 400 persons have been brought to court. Divisions of military contingent SSAGPZ remain till now in kingdom territory.