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Vitaly Klichko: Fight with Heem will be the last in my career

the World champion in a super heavyweight under version WBC Vitaly Klichko has declared that after a duel with eks - world champion David Heem will finish career of the professional boxer.

- Negotiations with Heem proceed. If all - taki is possible to agree about fight with Heem, it becomes the last in my sports career, - the word of Klichko - the senior in mass-media give. - and though my active boxing career approaches to finish, sports for ever remains in my life. It has given me that knowledge and skills which not to receive at one university, not to buy not at any price. Sports have built up character, have taught to be organised, purposeful, have taught discipline and endurance.

Meanwhile the American journalists referring to the British promoter Frenka of Warren have informed that next Tuesday will be officially declared a duel between Heem and Derekom Chisoroj who as all remember, have arranged fight on poslematchevoj a press - conferences of a duel of Klichko - Chisora.