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The government of the Russian Federation has corrected profitable and account parts of the budget

the Government of the Russian Federation today has introduced in the State Duma the bill correcting indicators of the budget for 2012 and the planned period 2013 - 2014. On it ITAR - TASS have informed in the device of the lower chamber of parliament.

the Bill on modification of the budget has been prepared by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation and countenanced by the cabinet in the end of April. Under the specified forecast, the price for barrel of oil of the stamp JUrals in 2012 gross national product - with 58,683 trln roubles to 60, 590 trln roubles rises from 100 dollars put in the law on the budget, to 115 dollars.

As it is marked in accompanying materials to the bill, according to offered amendments, the total amount of incomes of the federal budget will make 12, 677 trln roubles against 11, 779 trln the roubles provided earlier.

In particular, oil and gas incomes will increase with almost 5, 575 trln roubles to 6, 383 trln roubles. Growth of not oil and gas incomes - with 6, 205 trln roubles to 6, 293 trln roubles. Expenses it is planned to increase with 12, 656 trln roubles to 12, 745 trln roubles. The budgeted deficit, according to amendments, will essentially be reduced - with 876,6 mlrd roubles to 68,1 billion

From additional budgetary appropriations at a rate of 135,6 mlrd roubles, almost third - 43,4 mlrd roubles - the Ministry of Finance suggests to direct on maintenance with habitation of veterans of the Great Patriotic War, on maintenance with habitation of military men, on payments of indemnifications to inhabitants of the Chechen Republic which has lost habitation and property as a result kontrterroresticheskoj of operation and on improvement of quality of life of some other categories of citizens.