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The first direct elections of governors will pass on October, 14th

At the Central Electoral Commission already there is a plan on preparation for Uniform day of voting on October, 14th. Its head Vladimir Churov has told about intentions of the department on Saturday at a briefing following the results of the All-Russia meeting of heads of regional electoral committees.

Without nou - hau this time has not managed: Vladimir Churov has asked journalists not to ask questions from a place, and to leave for this purpose to a tribune with a microphone. thus, we want, that you felt in our position - he was for fun converted to present mass-media. it would not be desirable to feel in position - has distinctly reached from back rows.

as the First position costs were felt on itself by the correspondent, having taken an interest, as the Central Electoral Committee intends to prepare for forthcoming Uniform day of voting on October, 14th. This day will pass the first governor`s elections under the new legislation - at least, in two regions. It was found out that department is going to give special attention to legal preparation of workers of local election committees. If members of regional electoral committees have already considerably become skilled in jurisprudence workers of the subordinate commissions meanwhile strongly lag behind them. As a Central Electoral Committee educational program even has thought up for them the special test which will be published after feasts. CHurov has suggested journalists to estimate its knowledge. on literacy at me 100 - percentage result - he has suddenly added.

the Following problem which faces the Central Electoral Commission, consists in high-grade use of available party of electronic technics . It is a question first of all of complexes of electronic voting and a web - chambers. The last, according to Churova, much have a little united on March, 4th all country, after all the person from Moscow, for example, could watch that occurs on polling district of Chukotka. The course on Central Electoral Committee association intends to continue in the near future, on June, 10th, on elections of the mayor of such numerous city, as Krasnoyarsk where will be used KOIBy.

There are also separate open questions on presidential campaign. In May the Central Electoral Commission should report to both chambers of Federal Meeting about an expenditure of the budgetary funds allocated for elections of the head of the state. It is not necessary to wait for sensation, as known for the adherence to strict economy Churov has not pumped up and this time. we have saved an order of 1 billion budgetary roubles. By the way, the considerable sum. Under what articles the economy is reached, it becomes definitively clear from the financial report which will be presented to the State Duma and the Federation Council. But I can assure you that superfluous expenditure were not - the head of the Central Electoral Committee insists.

After presidential election, moreover and such economical, the head of the Central Electoral Committee on - former is not going to go on leave - not that that in a big way, but also any on a broader scale. I on - former consider that holiday is a crime. As you can see, over the last 5 years I have not changed at all - Churov has severely said. Nevertheless its colleagues who all - taki use holidays, probably so do not consider, and the head of the Central Electoral Committee should release them reluctantly. But that fact that Uniform day of voting can be transferred for September, gives Churovu chance definitively to screw up a nut. if Uniform day of voting is transferred for September then no holidays will exist - he has promised.