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Rosimushchestvo passes vebu a state share in Rostelecom

Rosimushchestvo will pass vebu a state share in national telecommunication company Rostelecom . It follows from the order from the May, 2nd placed on a site of the government of the Russian Federation.

the Document provides entering into an authorised capital stock of the state corporation development and foreign trade activities Bank as an additional property payment of the Russian Federation actions being in the federal property Rostelecom .

the Quantity of these actions pays off proceeding from quantity belonging vebu actions Rostelecom costs of 1 action Rostelecom on which WEB OHM shares of company, and also market cost of 1 action " have been got; Rostelecom .

entering of the specified actions into authorised capital stock veba is entrusted to carry out Rosimushchestvu when due hereunder.

Besides, the order orders Minkomsvjazi together with Rosimushchestvom in 11 - monthly term to carry out the actions provided by the Decree of the president of the Russian Federation from March, 24th of this year.

the Decree ordered to finish joining Svyazinvest to to Rostelecom within a year from the moment of its signing and to exclude state holding from the list of the strategic enterprises.