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To Russians recommended not to leave for limits of resort zones of Egypt

the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Russia recommended to the Russian tourists to be more careful during rest in Egypt.

the Official comment published on a site of department, says: the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia confirms the recommendation to the Russian citizens visiting Egypt, to avoid areas of carrying out of demonstrations and other mass public actions, and that who has arrived to this country in the tourist purposes, - to abstain from trips for limits of resort zones . Moscow was disturbed by a situation in Egypt shortly after in Cairo there were collisions between demonstrators. Diplomats have warned that questions of the current political agenda should dare exclusively peace means .

the Group of unknown people attacked participants of a termless protest action at a building of the Ministry of Defence of Egypt. The attacking have thrown demonstrators stones and bottles with an incendiary mix. Thus 11 persons were lost from gunshot wounds in a head. Wounds have received nearby 200 persons.

In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia have underlined that now, at the transient period closing stage, it is essentially important not to admit splashes in violence, erosion reached by common efforts of the national consent round the program of the political reforms which end urged to generate necessary conditions for steady socially - economic development of modern Egypt .

Participants of the action of the protest acted just against structure of political reforms spent now in the country. They demand, that the military country leaders have passed reins of government in hands of the civil government immediately. Besides, they do not agree with the decision to exclude for a dual citizenship of his mother from presidential race of the candidate - salafita Abu Ismaila. The protesting suspect that on the election committee, passed this decision, the military men, doing not wish coming to power of radical Islamites have put pressure. Besides, military men have accused of inactivity in attack time on camp salafitov. In solidarity with families of victims and the candidates who have suffered at once some in presidents have suspended the campaigns. In particular, the first debate on the state television between candidates - favourites Amrom Musoj and Abdel Monejmom Abol Fotuhom has been cancelled. Key political forces, including Brothers - Moslems have refused a meeting with the military men not capable, in their opinion, to stop violence, for discussion of principles of formation of new constitutional assembly.

Yesterday in Cairo the next mass protest action which, as well as prerevolutionary performances, have in common organised " has taken place; Brothers - Moslems salafity and liberals. Participants of the action have demanded from military men to delegate the power to civilians till July. It is interesting that military men never spoke about desire to remain in the power after carrying out of presidential election which justice they should provide. Here and yesterday the general - the major, one of heads of the High council of armed forces (VSVS) Mohammed al - Assar has confirmed that on June, 30th the power will be passed: We do not lust after power. VSVS not legality replacement in Egypt .