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Vladimir Putin named new rules of work of the market of the electric power

Yesterday in Is new - Ogarevo of premieres - minister Vladimir Putin has held meeting on electric power industry. it is a lot of costs, a lot of routine harmful to economy and burdensome, - he has characterised a state of affairs in this sphere. - the balance of interests, as a matter of fact, now is on the party of suppliers .

It has essentially deformed the market: about 80 percent of the market almost in each region it is monopolised by one - two power marketing organisations. As a result, by estimations minekonomrazvitija, the prices for consumers are overestimated on 5 - 7 percent.

It is necessary to raise competition level in the retail market of electric power industry, Putin considers. And steady, predicted conditions and demand, and also guarantees of return of investments - according to the experts are necessary to the power companies, for three years on development of generation and a network economy will be directed nearby 3 trln roubles.

It is made already much: the order of pricing for the marketing organisations is regulated, increased requirements to a transparency of their activity are established, has been decided to refuse differentiation of consumers on number of hours of the used capacity. Uniform hour of definition of volumes of capacity in the wholesale and retail markets is entered, the principle " is excellent; take or pay at calculations for the electric power for small consumers.

All it urged to exclude unreasonable rise in prices. But new rules will enter a number of basic innovations. So, for consumers restrictions on change of the supplier of the electric power will be removed. Earlier it was necessary to ask in regulating bodies, and the marketing organisation could demand indemnification for leaving to the competitor that frequently and did. As a result for four years to leave on direct relations with manufacturers it was possible only to 400 largest consumers, Vladimir Putin has noticed.

Now coordination such it is not required. Small and average consumers (to 1,8 MVt) indemnifications will not pay in capacity, and large - only if transition was not from the beginning of year.

the transparent order of installation and removal of indications of devices of the account Besides, is entered. As frequently at installation of modern counters consumers paid less, it was unprofitable to the marketing organisations. And they exposed unreasonable requirements, and to be responsible for installation did not want. Now it is necessary to do it. Besides, requirements to these devices will be strictly limited. It is forbidden and raise additional payments for the imposed services - input of counters in operation or their service.

Besides it the marketing companies lose the status of the guaranteeing supplier of the second level if do not follow the law. Requirements about installation of modern devices of the account and an exit on the wholesale market for them have been established several years ago, the prime minister has reminded, but in most cases are not observed. Besides, these suppliers bought up energy and pereprodavali with nakrutkoj. The consumer as a result paid twice and could not pass to the competitor.

With new rules consumers have received serious additional possibility of depreciation of capacity, Vladimir Putin ascertained. Now they can optimise the schedules of current consumption that was unprofitable earlier. After all from this year calculations for capacity will be carried out at o`clock of peak current consumption of region, instead of the enterprise, and it will be possible to transfer consumption for day or for the night. The economy can make to 20 percent of the final price of the electric power.

Thus and responsibility for bezuchetnoe and bezdogovornoe consumption will increase, the prime minister - the minister has reminded. Penalties will be equal in extreme cases to the threefold size of cost of the electric power.

Still yesterday the head of the government has charged to create effective uniform payment system. it is important including from the point of view of increase of investment appeal of electric energy as activity kind - it has explained and has asked not later than in 10 days to report about the done work.

After meeting Vladimir Putin has gone to Hills on Security Council, and head minenergo Sergey Shmatko has told to journalists as there was a work on new rules which the economy " for a long time waited;.

the Document is co-ordinated and developed by interdepartmental working group - he has informed, having explained that thereby it was possible to leave from the departmental approach. On it worked both officials, and businessmen, it was discussed in mass-media and has been hung out on the Internet. Therefore, the minister, " is convinced; It was possible to avoid unexpected consequences for business . There, where interests of departments faced, in most cases sided with the consumer, has added Shmatko. As a result it was possible to liberalise seriously possibility for the manufacturer to choose the supplier of the electric power.