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At explosion of spheres in Yerevan have suffered more than 140 persons

On pre-election meeting in Yerevan the day before have blown up gelievye spheres. As a result of ignition of combustible gas 144 persons have suffered. On it informs ITAR - TASS referring to the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Armenia.

Incident has occurred on the Republic area where took place a concert - the meeting devoted to forthcoming parliamentary elections. Shortly before arrival of the head of the state, the chairman of Republican Party of Armenia Serzha Sargsjana have burst the balloons filled with helium. There was a fire, as a result of ten persons, mainly from among youth, have burnt.

the Police of Armenia considers some versions of state of emergency, passes RIA Novosti news agency.   among them - self-ignition, infringement of fire prevention rules, infringement of rules of storage of inflammable substances, a deliberate or casual tresspass to health.

According to Ministry of Health of Armenia, a status of victims satisfactory, and medical institutions are provided with all necessary. In Ministry of Health have underlined that a part of the hospitalised have suffered as a result of a panic and a crush. Many of them, having received first aid, have already left hospitals.

Meanwhile, as   informs Interfax the police of Armenia has filed criminal charges upon explosion of gas spheres in the centre of Yerevan therefore tens persons have suffered.