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The national team of the USA on hockey has beaten Canadians with the bill 5:4

In a rich match on the thrown washers hardly there were better Americans - 5:4.

the Match of basic rivals which have as the fates decree appeared at a preliminary stage in one group, was presented as one of the central. And it must be said, North Americans have not discouraged.

Already on the first minute Jim Slejter has unpacked Kema Ward`s who has played in an episode neidealno gate. Brent Sattera`s wards catching up were in a role not for long. In five minutes the main hope maple leaves Dzhonatan Tavares has cooled starting storm zvezdno - striped .

it was necessary to wait for the Following washer till the second period. Already ancestors of hockey have come forward. The young Jeff Skinner who has finished a quite good combination of partners. A goal not absolutely logical, considering game advantage of the United States.

Justice has triumphed on 34 - j to minute of a match. The defender, it the captain of Americans Jack Johnson in touching has driven a washer in Ward`s gate which has not had time to be displaced in a barefaced corner.

rivals have left the Most sweet for the final period. With 46 - j minutes uniform firing has begun. Evander Kejn has responded to Patrick Duajera`s goal in three minutes. Four minutes prior to a siren Americans have again come forward Nejta Thompson`s efforts, but already later two minutes Dankan the Whale was noted by a washer which has translated game in an overtime.

For finding-out of the strongest a lot of time was not required. On 62 - j to minute Johnson has issued a double - 5:4. The merited victory of Americans which were more persevering than the geographical neighbours. Now zvezdno - striped and of the first place in group can dream.