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The president of Israel: Blow across Iran should be considered

the President of Israel Shimon Peres considers that before to dare at military blow across Iran, it is necessary to think well. The Israeli leader has made such statement in interview to the Canadian newspaper   Globe and Mail, passes ITAR - TASS.

On Monday its official five-day visit to Canada, to which time of one of the central subjects for discussions should begin, predictably, there is an Iranian nuclear program.

According to Peres, to prevent occurrence in Iran nuclear weapon, it is necessary to introduce system of verification and inspections . Preventive blow will threaten possibility of creation of such system, he considers. we will assume that someone wants to strike blow to Iran, - the president has noted. - well, it sounds well. But what will occur after blow? Some say that it will weaken Iran for the term from two till three years. However it is not enough of it .

as Peres the nuclear program of Teheran - " has specified; it is a real problem not only for Israel, and for the whole world . Including for the USA which too do not presume to admit to itself situation development at which Iran would become the governor of all Near East - he has added.

For liquidation of nuclear threat from Iran it is necessary to generate a coalition of the countries, and in it as I think, US president Barack Obama has succeeded Peres has noticed. it is necessary to begin with not military measures, economic and political - the head of the Jewish state believes. But it is logical to assume that should follow and other variants if not military measures do not lead to the necessary result, he has underlined.