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In Japan stop last nuclear reactor

In Japan today will stop last and 54 commercial reactors existing in the country, informs ITAR - TASS.

After failure on the atomic power station Fukushima - 1 in March, 2011 the majority of nuclear stations of Japan have been stopped for checks and till now have not renewed the work. For restart of reactors the permission of local authorities which demand from operators of stations and the government of additional guarantees of security of the atomic power station is necessary.

Meanwhile, according to the Japanese laws, each nuclear reactor in the country should stop on planned check once in 13 months. Thus, for passed after failure on to Fukushima - 1 year all atomic power stations of Japan have been stopped, however could not renew the work from - for a hard line of local authorities.

Disconnect of nuclear stations has considerably increased loading by a national power supply system of Japan and has increased requirements of Tokyo for fuel for thermal power stations. So, Japanese import szhizhennogo natural gas for the past year has grown for 18 percent.