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Remains are found in Australia ancient koalas

Crones of trees in Australia were 15 million years ago a refuge for 70 - kilogramme relatives modern vombatov which were outwardly similar to the koala, scientists confirm.

Karen Blek from university of the New Southern Wales (Australia) says that prehistoric marsupials, nimbadony (Nimbadon lavarackorum), were able to climb on trees. Nimbadon was very capable animal, and its specialised anatomy bears that, probably, he was able to move on wood, catching at trunks of trees, like the koala - marks Blek, quotes agency UPI.

the Wood way of life helped nimbadonam with competition for food with others travojadnymi, including a kangaroo, and also rescued them from furious predators, for example, from a marsupial of a lion, considers Blek.

nimbadona scientists have found out Some skulls in a cave of Riverslej on severo - the West of state of Queensland (severo - the east of Australia). Two years ago in it have found present a zoo epoch fossils miotsena: more than 60 kinds of prehistoric marsupials - a kangaroo, bandikutov, marsupials of wolves and nimbadonov.

Minerals nimbadony is a big rarity and an important find not only from - for exclusively high safeties of remains, but also for the reason that they represent individuals of different age - speaks Australian paleozoolog. The skulls found in Queensland allow to track all life cycle nimbadonov, she specifies. Scientists also managed to investigate for the first time a skull of a fossil marsupial about development of a brain of an animal.