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Online - translation of a match of the World championship on hockey Latvia - Russia

Latvia — Russia
Glob Arena`s Ericsson
2: 5

1. Maris Juchers
31. Edgars Masalskis


2. Rodrigo Lavinsh
8. Oscar Bartulis
11. Kristaps Sotnieks
13. Guntis Galvinsh
26. Krishjanis Redlihs
44. Oscar Tsibulskis
81. George Pujats


5. Janis Sprukts
9. Robert Bukarts
12. Andris Dzherinsh
16. Kaspars Daugavinsh
17. Alexey Shirokov
18. Kaspars Saulietis
21. Armands Berzinsh
24. Mikelis Redlihs
47. Martinsh Tsipulis
60. Juris Shtals
70. A mix of Indrashis
87. Gints Mejja
90. Koba Jass

the Head coach

Ted Nolan

1. Simeon Varlamov
30. Konstantin Barulin


5. Ilya Nikulin
6. Denis Deniss
7. Dmitry Kalinin
12. Nikita Nikitin
74. Alexey Emelin
82. Evgenie Medvedev

11. Evgenie Malkin
13. Paul Datsyuk
15. Alexander Svitov
19. Denis Kokarev
24. Alexander Popov
27. Alexey Tereshchenko
37. Alexander Perezhogin
41. Nikolay Kulemin
52. Sergey Shirokov
80. Evgenie Ketov
92. Evgenie Kuznetsov
93. Nikolay Zherdev

the Head coach

Zinetula Biljaletdinov
60 the period End All! The match is ended! Natural victory of Russian national team! However, Latvians have shown that our command has certain problems. We will hope that in following matches wards of Biljaletdinova in protection will operate much more reliably. Thanks big for attention! Watch our translations!
59 Russians have spent magnificent counter attack. Kalinin should hammer
59 the National team of Latvia does not leave our zone
58 Latvians all the same do not surrender. Again a panic at our gate
57 the Washer Russians practically have responded at once To it a perfect washer of Kuznetsova! Evgenie a strong throw from - under the defender has got directly in the nine!
56 the Washer Goll! And here we also have created to ourselves problems. Have not closed Daugavinsha who has reduced advantage of Russians
55 Minute Russians while without problems have stood
54 Removal Item attack of Latvians has come to the end with that Nikulin has broken rules. Two minutes Russians will play minority
54 Priests has thrown, Masalskis without problems has taken away a washer
53 Datsyuk has given a pass on pjatachok, Kulemin hardly has not reached a washer
52 the Washer Golll! perezhogin has fine passed on the left edge and has given the verified transfer on Popova who simply could not miss! 4:1!
50 Latvians at last - that have got into our zone. TSibulskis has thrown, but too it is weak
49 the Initiative completely in hands at Russians. One attack to gate of Masalskisa follows another
48 Russians have spent quite good attack, however to throw and it was not possible
47 Again Latvians force down Varlamov`s gate
47 the Washer MALKIN! Priests has from afar thrown, the goalkeeper of Latvians has beaten off, but Evgenie the first has appeared on dobivanii! Malkin makes out a double
46 the Match has renewed. Latvians in have tried to organise attack, but we have not allowed to them to be developed
45 While a pause in game. Cannot establish the judge of a collar
45 Alexey Shirokov ran into our goalkeeper. As a result of a collar have taken down. Now them will establish
44 We have selected a washer at the rival and have tried to enter into a zone, but have forgotten about ofsajd
43 the National team of Latvia obviously is not going to surrender. At the first possibility players throw at once
42 Russians on selection have overslept Latvian Shirokov. Varlamov has well played guards
41 On our players in a zone
41 the period Beginning Russians have won vbrasyvanie
40 the period End Russians again will spend the Beginning of the final period in minority. But now wards of Biljaletdinova conduct in the bill
40 Removal Our captain Nikulin of 2 minutes will spend on a bench shtrafnikov
39 Last minutes the second period the national team of Latvia finishes in attack
38 Two in two ran out Latvians, but our hockey players have managed to return
37 the Washer GOLL! Nikulin and Malkin have simply broken off defence of Latvians! Evgenie threw already in empty gate! Perfect attack of Russians
36 Removal One more removal at modular Latvia. Dzherinsh sfolil on Datsyuk
36 Latvians cannot be fixed now in our zone. Russians put pressure at once on each player
35 At last - that Russians have recouped. Now it will be easier
34 the Washer Here GOLL!! Ilya Nikulin has perfectly loaded from a dark blue line in the right corner! Masalskis has not reacted
33 We cannot be fixed in a zone of the rival
33 Removal Removal at Latvians. Indrashis 2 minutes will have a rest. Chance for Russians
32 attacks at ours Have gone. It is necessary to lead up only them to logic end
32 On it wards of Biljaletdinova mark Malkin`s activity. Now Evgenie torments defence of Latvians
31 the Perfect moment at Latvians. The goalkeeper of Russians again at height
29 Already Russians are protected. Varlamov presses a washer to ice - vbrasyvanie in our zone
28 Have won ours vbrasyvanie in an average zone. Malkin has thrown, and Masalskis has come forward and in a jump has taken away a washer. The perfect moment
27 Russians forward Have gone. Now quite good attack was spent by our hockey players
27 Latvians have won vbrasyvanie and at once have thrown on collars
26 Latvian Alexey Shirokov marked at a distant bar - by
26 it is Again hot at Varlamov`s gate. Only at the last minute someone from defenders has thrown out a washer
25 Russians have not allowed to Latvians to settle down in the zone
24 Perezhogin has fine passed on the left edge, but paredachu nobody has responded to it
23 After that Malkin has got to a crossbeam! Evgenie already wanted to mark the thrown washer. Also does not carry to ours!
23 Malkin did perfect transfer on Shirokov - hardly - nearly it was not possible to reach a washer
22 Priests has tried to escape, but at the very end of an episode it have neutralised
22 Russians Have managed to beat off. Though it was very hot at Varlamov`s gate
21 the period Beginning we Continue conversation. Even a minute and 20 seconds we will play minority
20 The period end the first period Has ended. 1:0 a national team of Latvia ahead. We will hope that Russians can break a situation. While our players create few the dangerous moments
19 And at once Latvians get to a bar! Here so affairs!
19 Removal We remain in minority. Svitov 2 minutes
18 Kokarev fine threw, but Masalskis has appeared on a place
18 At last - that Russians became more active. Have started to put pressure actively on Latvians
17 we Have loafed about with Latvians at gate of Masalskisa
17 Dangerous attack was spent by Latvians. Again Varlamov gains the command
16 By the way, spectators on tribunes it is not enough. And it as - that is strange
15 it does not turn out to organise Yet at ours intelligent attacks
15 Kulemin threw on pjatachok - Latvians have neutralised threat
14 And in the meantime the moments arise at our gate. Again Varlamov is urged to enter game
13 That it will be more interesting a match. Russians should recoup
13 the Washer All - taki it happens! Latvia opens the bill! Indrashis has thrown right after a dark blue line. Our goalkeeper has overslept this throw
11 Redlihs has bypassed Nikitin and already it seemed that will beat also Varlamov. However Simeon operated fine. It simply rescues our command!
10 Shirokov has appeared in metre from the goalkeeper of Latvians, but to throw to it have not given
9 Without pauses there passes game, in good rate commands
8 Russians could stand in minority
7 the Most dangerous transfer on pjatachok has passed at Latvians - simply the miracle has rescued Russians from a goal
6 Pujatts has thrown from a distant distance - Varlamov has without effort taken away a washer
6 Removal And now removal as a part of our command. Nikitin will have a rest two minutes
5 Datsyuk attacked gate of the rival twice. The goalkeeper of modular Latvia was on the ball. Commands play full structure
4 Nikitin has loaded from a dark blue line - the bar rescues Latvians!
4 Removal Redlihs sfolil on Popove. Two minutes Russians will be in the majority
3 Priests has broken on the left board and has given a washer on Malkin who tried to push it in gate
3 Russians have tried to spend intelligent attack, however business and is not has reached blow
2 And already any panic at our gate. Daugavinsh watched for a washer on pjatachke. It is good that to throw to it have not given
1 Game has begun! Latvians have won vbrasyvanie and at once have thrown on Varlamov`s collars
0 Commands have already finished raskatku, it is literally in a minute the match
0 Hello, expensive fans! We begin our translation!

Today Russian national team will lead the first match in the World championship on hockey. In capital of Sweden our children will meet Latvians.

It is necessary to notice that game of Russians in Eurotour which preceded a world championship very few people from fans could please. Wards of Zinetuly Biljaletdinova have lost Finland (0:2) and Czechia (1:2), having won only against Sweden (4:2). However, the World championship is absolutely other tournament. Latvians cannot be ranked as grandees, but also a weak team the Baltic national team precisely is not. It is necessary to remember at least that we have lost last match to them. The national team of Latvia is a perfect possibility to check up the forces before games with where eminent rivals.

the Trainer of Russians of Zinetula Biljaletdinov has declared that on this meeting 19 hockey players will be declared, and the place in collars will be occupied with Simeon Varlamov.

Also yesterday it became known that by the captain of a national team defender Ilya Nikulin is appointed, forward Alexey Tereshchenko and defender Dmitry Kalinin became its assistants.

Evgenie Malkin Attacking a Russian team so has commented on a forthcoming starting match.

Yes, all say that we favourites of this game, but a national team of Latvia too not a gift.   it is assured, for a match with us they will seriously prepare. As to us it is important to leave and show the game instead of to be arranged under the rival. The national team of Latvia always made impression of the command which well moves. They play personally, one against one in a zone, therefore it was very heavy to leave from their guardianship - Malkin has declared the Internet - to the edition the Championship. com .

the Main judges of a meeting appoint the American Kate Kaval and Canadian Devil Lewis. Online - translation of this meeting will be spent by Yury Zubko.