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At 100 o`clock from the beginning of year the capital centre was blocked for movement of motorists

Moscow has endured about the last couple of months record quantity of processions, demonstrations, walks, and also parades, their rehearsals, and even the whole bicycle race.

All these actions demanded direct participation of traffic police. For their carrying out streets, fares were blocked, was limited, and even movement was at all forbidden. The majority of mass walks, meetings and parades had carrying out terms. That is motorists, planning a route, were guided by time from what till what hour on this or that road it is impossible to drive.

Also it is all remarkably worked, except cases of spontaneous processions when even trolley buses could not drive on the route put by it.

almost all past Sunday the capital centre has been blocked for motorists. Millions Muscovites, swearing, sat in traffic jams or searched for detour ways to return in the evening to the beginning of working week home while approximately 5 - 6 thousand bicyclists with pleasure went for a drive on empty streets entrance on which has been reliably protected from different directions bricks . Capital management of traffic police has not regretted time which has been taken away for this action. It has blocked new Luzhnetsky journey, the Hamovnichesky Shaft, the Faleevsky lane, Marsh street, the Frunze, Prechistensky, Kremlin, Moskvoretsk, Sofia, Raushsky and Kosmodamiansky quays, and also the Big Moskvoretsk bridge on May, 20th for movement both personal, and public transport since early morning.

we Will tell fairly, against the two-wheeled friend correspondents have no anything. As bicycle race under name Lets bike it! As its organizers have told, had for an object to show personally that the bicycle can minister not only for playing sports or rest, but also to be high-grade means of transportation on a city. That is that Muscovites proved for a long time to the city authorities, but the former government it repeated one: At us not Europe, a climate improper - nine months winter... and here the head of department of transport and development dorozhno - a transport infrastructure of Moscow Maxim Liksutov, head of a capital underground Ivan Besedin, chief Mosgortransa " have suddenly taken seat on bicycles; Peter Ivans... Besides in the program of a transport development of the city there was a point on creation of special paths for bicyclists, which from business centre Moscow - City to Sokolnikam just through quays of the Moskva River and Jauzy. And the longest zone, promise the authorities, will be in the east of a city - it will connect settlement East to areas Ljublino.

business In a word, good. Not clearly another. Why for the action starting in 16. 00 from sport centre Luzniki it was necessary to block centre all nearly with 9. 00, also that is even more surprising, before the action termination ... It has terminated in 18. 00, and movement have opened in 20. 00. Whence such disrespect for the whole city? After all when co-ordinate meetings and other similar actions, all is painted accurately: it is so much - that time for procession, it is so much - on meeting, it is so much - on that the people have dispersed also all streets have put in order. It appears, all probably to provide if to want!

OK in a city would pass one bicycle race of times in a year. But after all there are still track and field athletics relay races and cross-countries, a meeting of New year and Day of slavonic writing and culture. And all it too is accompanied by overlapping of streets before the action termination . Journalists RG have counted and it was found out that if only to judge under traffic police preventions, that is quite officially, city streets from January till May were blocked more than ten times. In total approximately - at 100 o`clock. In other words, more than four days from the beginning of year the city lived under a brick . We will increase for the remained months, it will turn out that for a year Muscovites will search for roundabout ways approximately 10 days in a year as it was and two years ago when the first time lifted this subject on the pages. It turns out that at essential increase in means at struggle against traffic jams of Moscow of the power popustitelski look at how their different structures immobilise a city for long time.

And sometimes interdictions happen on a broader scale strange. For example, prefecture Jugo - the Western district for a week (!) - From March, 11 till March, 18th - blocked a part of the Kherson street - on a site from street Nametkina to house N 38 along the street Kherson. It from - for buildings of a multipurpose housing estate also became.

It is remarkable that meetings, actions and other displays of ability to live with something not consent citizens had accurate time frameworks. With 10 to 16 are blocked such - that streets, with 12 to 13 - such - that, with 16 to 18 - restrictions on those is that to streets. All is clear, and each motorist can calculate the route.

At carrying out of rehearsal of parade the risk of supernumerary situations is high enough. Therefore motorists, having swallowed a saliva, will wait. What - such unusual situations which will tighten time of carrying out of the official action, can happen in bicycle race?

Any action which is passing in streets and the areas of capital, cannot be unbounded. Eventually the government of Moscow too establishes termination dates. So prevents to define accurately when will be opened streets for journey of any transport?

According to the head of department of regional security of Moscow Alexey Majorova, according to the overlapping law are carried out in an hour prior to the beginning of action. Also time for action end is taken away, for example, it is necessary to dismantle tribunes. But at each such action hour of its termination is known. Most likely the traffic police is reinsured, and for this reason does not declare, when the street will be opened.

In traffic police say that overlappings are carried out according to the plan lowered from the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs. However action ending time - is enough complicated question. We will admit, meeting has ended at two o`clock, but after it it is necessary to put territory in order. Road services are engaged in it. Probably, it is required to them half an hour, it is possible - two hours. If to open movement during their work it will call even more censures, than it not to open until it will not be expensive it is put in order.

Can at the coordination of these or those actions demanding overlapping of roads, the government of Moscow should stipulate at once, what is the time it is required on territory cleaning? And to motorists to give the high-grade information? Tver Manezhnaja - with 10 to 15 will be closed from 10 o`clock till 16 o`clock...

Townsmen who move by cars, already simply were tired of unbounded overlappings, restrictions and other troubles on capital roads.