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The Central Bank of the Russian Federation does not expect global crisis in the near future

Bank of Russia does not expect in the near future global crisis, however does not exclude possibility of local crises, the first deputy of the chairman of Bank of Russia Alexey Uljukaev has declared to journalists in a conference lobby VTB the Capital RIA Novosti news agency reports.

I always said that I do not believe in any second waves of crisis. I consider that we have entered a situation of high degree volatilnosti, since 2008, and we will be in this situation still many long years. It means that the probability of local crises (a sovereign debt, stock markets, this or that region) is rather high.

But to expect something similar that there was in 2008 (such depth of falling) I I can not and I do not see such prospect - Uljukaev has told. At the same time, he sees risks of an exit of Greece from an eurozone.

It is difficult to me to speak about eurozone prospects. I want to hope that our European colleagues can supervise a situation. But when elections (and there are made emotionally painted decisions) it is difficult to foretell interfere. Risks such exist, estimate them quantitatively I cannot - the first vice-president of the Central Bank has told.

eurozone Problems very strongly disturb now the markets. Conversations on a possible exit from association of its most problem country - Greece recently have become frequent.