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Business against organizers of disorders on Manezhnoj is directed to court

Investigatory committee has finished investigation on criminal case in the relation of four more organizers of mass riots on a Manezhnaya Square on December, 11th, 2010.

About it it is told on a site of Investigatory committee of Russia.

Nikolay Dvojnjakov, Vitaly Vasin, Vladimir Kirpichnikov and Grigory Bilchenko depending on a role of everyone are accused on ch. 3 items 212 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (mass riots), ch. 2 items 213 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (hooliganism), p.1 item 282 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (hatred or enmity excitation, and the humiliation of human worthiness) and p.1 item 318 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (application of violence concerning the representative of the power is equal).

we Will remind that to three already denounced upon disorders on a Manezhnaya Square - to Igor Berezjuku,   to Ruslanu Hubaevu and Alexander Kozevinu - the court has agreed to soften a sentence. Denounced have received from two till five years of a colony of a high security.  

It has been established that Dvojnjakov threw in employees OMON metal protections, Vasin directed a traumatic pistol at employees, Bilchenko threw metal sticks in militiamen and as a result has got on a helmet of the employee of OMON, and Kirpichnikov, trying to break through a cordon, has put a kick to one of guards. The given information also has found the acknowledgement during interrogation of witnesses as from among employees of OMON, and eyewitnesses of an event.

Inspectors in the course of work had been analysed a considerable quantity of the disorders of a photo withdrawn from a place and video records. Their analysis has helped to establish organizers of illegal actions who tried to provoke citizens and called for mass riots, to active insubordination to legal requirements of employees of law-enforcement bodies, cried out the slogans kindling an ethnic animosity.

Considering the big resonance of the occurred events and for the purpose of coordination of activity of all law enforcement bodies for criminal case investigation the staff on their disclosing into which the most qualified employees of the Main investigatory management of Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation on the city of Moscow, criminal offices of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs and district divisions, the centre of counteraction to extremism of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs have entered has been created.

Within the limits of criminal case 4 searches in residences accused in which course the subjects containing signs of extremism are withdrawn are spent. Also portrait examinations, identifications are made. On actions and statements accused are spent psihologo - linguistic examinations. The consequence collects sufficient evidentiary base in this connection criminal case after the statement of the bill of particulars is directed to court for consideration in essence.

the Inquiry

on December, 6th, 2010 in the Kronstadt parkway in Moscow there was a fight between group of natives of the North Caucasus and fans FK Spartaka . As a result has been killed 28 - summer Muscovite Egor Sviridov. This business has provoked mass riots on a Manezhnaya Square in December, 2010.