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Olland again selected president of France Francois Olland has appointed the main physician of the Elisejsky palace of supporter Sarkozy

One of these days has appointed to the post the head physician of the Elisejsky palace of the lieutenant colonel of a health service of Serzhio Albarello.

This fast is considered prestigious in the country since the French kings, as, however, and a post of the main cook serving a palace. Purpose of Albarrelo, owing to its high professional qualities, was not called in question. Two years ago it has been awarded by the higher award of the French Republic - order of the Honourable Legion. It has high reputation as among military men, and professional physicians.

Known for the investigations and exposures the legendary French newspaper Canard Encha î n é Has found out that last years Albarrelo was convinced supporter Nicolas Sarkozy, has openly supported it during pre-election presidential campaign and did not voice any warm words to socialists. Moreover, this physician working as the head of branch of the urgent help in military hospital Persi, even has been selected in 2008 by the municipal adviser in region Val - d`uaz under lists the Union for national movement Sarkozy. By the way, in military hospital Persi in Klamare near Paris in 2004 the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has been delivered. Here it has run in whom has died. Officially, from a cirrhosis. Here in June, 1997 Bulat Okudzhava has died of pulmonary disease.

Albarello were known well by the former president of France. By the way, last year Sarkozy after parade in honour of Day of a capture of the Bastile has gone to this hospital and has met there soldiers who were on treatment after the severe wounds received during carrying out of the Afghani campaign.

Once eks - the president has directed to the supporter the touching message: I count on your support. Destiny of France in your hands. N.Sarkozi`s signature . Observers, making comments on purpose of Albarello, agree in opinion that the new French management has chosen the most logical personnel strategy: people from the former command do not exclude from an office, and to the contrary, allow to them to show to the full the professional skills if they, of course, merit it. Especially on such important fasts, as the main physician of the Elisejsky palace.