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In the market of the Russian Federation of the forged mineral water of 20 percent

Since July, first on counters of shops we any more will not see in habitual abundance of bottles with mineral waters, whose names are familiar to us since the childhood. The transient period, which law has given to manufacturers, comes to an end. New GOST " also starts to operate; Waters mineral natural drinking .

Now the mineral water name should correspond to a place of its origin. That is the waters poured, for example, in Moscow suburbs, Essentukami any more you will not name. Now such practice is extended enough. And nearby 30 - 40 percent of this mineral water in the Russian shops artificial, have informed in the Union of manufacturers of soft drinks and mineral waters. Thanks to the new standard volume wrong Essentukov it should be reduced to 10 - 15 percent, the director of the union Dmitry Petrov predicts. Also assures that a rise in prices thus it is not expected.

Today in all market of mineral waters in Russia about 20 percent of a counterfeit. And it is no wonder that half of Russians do not trust that mineral water which costs on counters. 50 percent of consumers consider that in bottles pour usual water from - under the crane - Petrov speaks. He hopes that new GOST can improve a current situation. And growth of trust of consumers in turn will affect and sales volumes. As new requirements also limit processing of the extracted water that was not earlier. It should not change a mineral water chemical compound.

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Like all in a prize: consumers receive qualitative water, manufacturers increase at the expense of it sales, the counterfeit leaves from the market. However new requirements have also opponents. So, fulfilling duties of the head of administration especially protected ekologo - resort region - the Caucasian Mineral Waters - Michael Bondarenko predicts losses for the budget of Stavropol Territory from - for new STATE THAT. In the letter he has informed that industrial pouring Essentukov - 17 it was already reduced approximately twice, 36 thousand cubic metre. By Bondarenko`s estimations, a real loss has made 0,5 billion roubles. After July, 1st, he, when writes all volume of mineral water of chink N 47 Nagutsky deposits which it is impossible to name " more; Essentukami it can appear not claimed. and then losses for economy of Stavropol Territory will exceed billion roubles - has counted up Bondarenko. Also insists on an exception of point new STATE THAT which forbids to use in the water name modern or historical, official or informal, full or reduced The deposit name if water is extracted outside of this geographical object.

In All-Russia scientifically - research institute brewing, nonalcoholic and vinodelcheskoj industries Rosselhozakademii Bondarenko`s idea to correct Gosstandart have not supported. Ministry of health and social development (the comment has received before reorganisation of structure of the government) also recommended to the Stavropol manufacturers of mineral water to stop use of known brands Essentuki . In department have advised to specify on a label type to which water extracted by them is carried. So, waters from nagutskoj chinks N 26 concern to borzhomskomu to type. The instructions of this information on a label will be quite lawful. So variants to save incomes of the budget, manufacturers and to consider interests of consumers is. That is very important, as the Russian market of mineral water self-sufficient and manages today in only 3 percent of import production (from Ukraine, Armenia, and it is a little Kazakhstan from Europe). It would not be desirable to give this ambry to foreign manufacturers, whose imported water sew more expensively.

And the market volume and perspective. Last year it has made 4,6 billion litres. In money terms it is 2,8 billion dollars. For last four years the market has grown approximately for 30 percent.

How to choose mineral water

Buying water, it is necessary to pay attention to the name of a deposit and chink number, the head of the Union of manufacturers of soft drinks and mineral waters Dmitry Petrov advises.

Diligent manufacturers necessarily specify it. In the standard it is possible to look at names of all deposits and number of chinks (see a site - www. rg. ru/ art/ 622081). And here to be guided by packing it is not necessary. Differences between water in glass and plastic are not present. Glass Perhaps, is simply a little more aesthetic.