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Veronica Skvortsova: We should create new independent department

Has come true: appeals that Ministry of Health should become independent structure in enforcement authorities what to head it the physician should, are heard. There is now Ministry of Health of Russia led by the professional, hereditary physician known to scientists for Veronica Skvortsovoj. Yesterday minister Skvortsova has responded to the first after its introduction into a new post questions of the correspondent.

Veronica Igorevna, what first orders will be prepared and signed by you?

Veronica Skvortsova: the Choice practically is not present. It is necessary to create new independent department - Ministry of Health of Russia. And the first orders, naturally, will concern all nuances of this uneasy process.

In the command there will be main recesses?

Veronica Skvortsova: Skeleton, the best employees remain on the places. But new people will come also. Their invitation to work considers changed lines of activity. I think, the parity will be 50 on 50.

the basic priorities in work of a Ministry of Health can be designated?

Veronica Skvortsova: It is possible. This education, personnel selection, science and biomedicine development, global improvement of preventive maintenance. Modern preventive maintenance assumes an individual approach to everyone. It should not become isolated only on especially medical questions. Should include different aspects of life, health of the person, to include carrying out of global mass actions. Here we hope for the active help of mass-media.

Veronica Igorevna, you the doctor in fifth generation. The neurologist and nejrofiziolog. In 1993 have protected on these subjects the thesis for a doctor`s degree. In 1989 have headed one of the first in Russia nejroreanimatsionnyh services in the First Town hospital of Moscow. In 1999 of a steel one of initiators of creation of National association on struggle against a stroke. All your scientific works, and them more than 400, are devoted these subjects. Therefore I will ask: a leah there will be these directions in a priority of your ministerial activity?

Veronica Skvortsova: In nowise! In medicine of 104 directions, and all should be developed them, everyone should be in a priority.

As your medical family has concerned your new purpose?

Veronica Skvortsova: last three years the family me practically did not see. Perhaps therefore new purpose has concerned, we will tell so, philosophically.

Veronica Igorevna, congratulates you. Wishes successful overcoming of difficulties. We hope that you and will be henceforth our author.