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Buranovsky grandmothers will act in the ending Eurovisions the sixth

Russian Buranovsky grandmothers reached the final the International song competition Eurovisions - 2012 in Baku, will act in a final concert at number 6, passes RIA Novosti news agency.

As informed, performance with number Party For Everybody has passed in a semi-final of the Russian musical collective accurately and cheerfully, nobody has got off from a rhythm, and television cameramen have accurately caught all effective general both close ups: and the smoking furnace and hopping pevuny.

But thus it was necessary to be fidgety all the same: from 18 participants after voting of televiewers of Europe in the Ending 10 lucky beggars were selected only.   and Russia has been named as a result of only the ninth …   However, such serial number does not mean that Buranovsky grandmothers have received much less voices, than the others. On the past the Eurovision in Dusseldorf organizers of competition explained that leaders receive from jury at once ten envelopes. And what name they name earlier and what - depends later more likely on accident and dexterity of their hands.

By results of a toss-up also it became known that other finalists of competition will act at the following numbers: the Romanian group Mandinga - 14, the Moldavian singer Pasha Parfeny - 26, Icelanders of Greta Saloume and Jounsi - 7, Hungarian fate - group Compact Disco - 2, actress Soluna Samaj from Denmark - 15, the Albanian singer Rhone Nishliu - 3, singer Ivi Adam from Cyprus - 8, the Greek singer Elefterija Elefteriu - 16, and duet Jedward from Ireland - 23.

numbers under which representatives of the countries " will act in the ending Earlier became known; the Big five Eurovisions - the British singer Engelbert Hamperdink will sing the first, Indonesian the priest - singer Anggun will speak on behalf of France at number nine, the Italian singer Nina Dzilli will present the number of the tenth, the Spanish actress of Pastor Soler will rise on a scene 19 - m, and the German actor the Novel the Forehead becomes 20 - m. Also in the ending has automatically passed konkursantka from Azerbaijan accepting competition in this year - Sabine Babayev will act at number 13.

Following ten participants of the ending Eurovisions - 2012 will be defined during the second semi-final which will pass on Thursday on the same scene Baku Crystal Hall. Actors will take part In it from Serbia, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Malta, Belarus, Portugal, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Sweden, Georgia, Turkey, Estonia, Slovakia, Norway, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania.

Following the results of two semi-finals the twenty of finalists will be defined. Winners of competition will choose professional jury and spectators.