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Rashid Nurgaliev is appointed by the assistant to the secretary of Security Council

Last eight years general Rashid Nurgaliev headed perhaps one of the most criticised ministries - the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Nurgaliev on the instructions of the president in 2010 has begun reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In its frameworks the Law " has been passed; About police which has come into force on March, 1st, 2011. According to the document the institute has replaced the name from militia with police that, on a plan of developers, should underline professionalism of the transformed law-enforcement bodies. Nevertheless even after reform and certification the minister had to apologise for careless employees and werewolves in epaulets .

the Future general Rashid Gumarovich Nurgaliev was born on October, 8th, 1956 in Kazakhstan in the city of Dzhetygara of the Kustanay area in a family of personnel police officers.

In 1974 has left secondary school settlement Nadvoitsy Karelian ASSR, in 1979 - fiziko - mathematical faculty of the Petrozavodsk state university. Cand.Econ.Sci. In 1981 it has begun service in KGB of Kareliya where has taken place a way from operupolnomochennogo kalevalskogo regional branch and kostomukshskogo city department to the chief medvezhegorskogo regional branch and the chief of department on fight against terrorism. With 1995 - go ministered in central office FSK - FSB.

In 2002 - 2004 Nurgaliev - the first deputy minister of internal affairs of Russia. On March, 9th, 2004 Rashid Nurgaliev has been appointed to the post the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Rashid Nurgaliev is married, has nurtured two sons, both became officers.