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Russia becomes the full participant of agency on nuclear energy OESR

Russia becomes the full member of agency on nuclear energy of the Organization of economic cooperation and development (AJAE OESR), since January, 1st, 2013.

Within the limits of passing   in Paris an annual ministerial forum of this international structure on Wednesday ceremony of signing of exchange letters   has taken place; about joining   the Russian Federation to   AJAE OESR. Signatures from the Russian side under documents have put   the first deputy of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Andrey Deniss and zamglavy   State corporations Rosatom Nikolay Spassky,   from   OESR -   its secretary general Anhel Gurrija.

At a meeting with journalists   Andrey Deniss has underlined that it considers this event, as   a major landmark on a way   to   full-scale and high-grade   to membership of Russia in OESR. By words   the first deputy minister, interaction   the Russian state structures and the corporations occupied in the field of atomic engineering,   with AJAE OESR has begun for a long time, and working contacts to it have the sated character.   as has noted   Andrey Deniss, our joining   to agency fixes the formal bonds imposing certain obligations on   both parties in respect of cooperation and pressing forward deepening to its productivity .

In turn Nikolay Spassky has underlined that   the introduction   in   AJAE, the most influential international organisation which is engaged in many aspects of peace use of atomic energy,   opens for Russia variety very serious   possibilities.

- First of all, we really become a part global   Decision-making process and working out of approaches to nuclear power   XXI centuries, - considers zamglavy Rosatom . - For Russia it is essentially important. After all if to consider that huge   value, which   we give to it,   all serious decisions in this area should be accepted   with participation of the Russian Federation. In it, calling things by their proper names, the main sense of our joining to AJAE.

As Nikolay Spassky has told, within the limits of agency there is variety   pragmatical programs and projects on concrete spheres, including on reaktornym to technologies,   to isotopes which are rather interesting to the Russian experts.   moreover, entering agency, Russia automatically gets access to the richest databank, and it contains   concrete applied data   on various reaktornym to materials, settlement codes and   to many other things.

- And, at last, we can advance more effectively our ideas, including on strengthening   and to perfection of world system of nuclear security, - has noted   Nikolay Spassky, -   After   last year`s tragedy on Fukushima   Russia has played an in the lead role in the world on judgement   its consequences, to a formulation distinct   and   fair answers to an event in Japan.   at   us are specific proposals which we will explain   and to advance.