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The Polish authorities suggest Russian national team to replace hotel with Euro - 2012

Poland suggests the Russian national team to refuse residing at hotel Bristol which the command of Dika of the Lawyer has reserved for the period of the European championship on football.

In the Polish ministry of sports and tourism have confirmed that alternative variants of placing are offered to Russians some. We will remind that the most prestigious five-stars hotel of Warsaw Bristol is in city centre in the neighbourhood with a presidential palace. The tenth day of each month representatives of opposition carry out actions in several metres from hotel - they assign flowers to a palace in memory of president Lech Kaczynski who was lost in an air crash near Smolensk on April, 10th, 2010.

- All of us time carry on negotiations with representatives of the Russian national team. We convince them that, probably, in their interests would be to consider possibility of change of hotel, - has declared in interview to the Polish TV channel TVN24 the minister of sports and John Muha`s tourism. - I told about it two - three months ago. Already then talks that this situation can be difficult were given. So I wait literally in the nearest two - three days there should be a final decision .

This very day the head of department RFS of the information policy Nikolay Komarov has declared that Russian national team will not change the decision and will stop in Bristol .

we Will remind that Bristol - the most ancient hotel of Warsaw. It has been constructed in 1901 on a place of a palace Tarnovsky. In the XX-th century beginning in hotel territory embassies of Finland, Spain and Italy settled down. In 1939 the hospital there has been arranged. After some years after the termination of II World war in a building missions of Israel, Austria and Turkey have taken place. Before repeated opening of hotel in 1993 he has had time to visit a part of the Warsaw university. The cafe of Bristol from the beginning of the century was a favourite place of leisure of the Polish bohemia. It is known, for example, that the physicist and the chemist Marie Curie - Sklodovsky celebrated there Nobel Prize reception.

In this hotel to our national team Thomas Mann, Pablo Picasso, Rihard Strauss, Enrike Karruzo, Marlene Dietrich, Jose Karreras, John Kennedy with spouse Jacqueline Onassis - Kennedy, Vudi Allen, Mary Pikford, Tina Turner, Richard Nixon stopped. And here football players there meanwhile was not, probably because for sportsmen this hotel is not adapted. Nevertheless residing at the most ancient and prestigious hotel in heart of Warsaw will manage to the command of Dika of the Lawyer in 30400 euros for days. For comparison in the beginning of the XX-th century days in the best apartments in this hotel cost about 25 roubles of the Russian empire.