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The Moscow authorities were defined with platforms under Gajd - the park

By June capital will be defined with a place for creation Moscow Gajd - park . The head of department of regional security of Moscow Alexey Majorov has informed On it yesterday.

we Will remind that to idea of creation Gajd - park like London where everyone can voice the sights, the government of Moscow was pushed by Vladimir Putin, being still the head of the government of the Russian Federation. And the numerous meetings which have swept on a city for last half a year, have made the business. Gajd - park it will be created for groups of citizens and small political parties for the statement of the opinion, - Alexey Majorov has declared. - but also for the big political parties the input on a platform will be opened. The special permission for the organisation of actions there it is not required, it is necessary to adhere only to norms of the law, in particular, not to call for nazism, xenophobia . According to Majorova, it is considered four places: park Sokolniki park Bitter, sport centre Luzniki and the Marsh area. To whom from them finally will prefer, depends in many respects on opinion of Muscovites. Voice it each interested person could, on a site of department of culture of Moscow special poll in the near future will be spent. Without waiting it, has interrogated a number of known Muscovites that they think about it.


Alexey Mitrofanov, the writer - moskvoved:

- Gajd - park should be in city centre. Therefore, I would arrive simply, took compasses, for a starting point - the Moscow Kremlin. Also has spent a circle in radius of five kilometres. All that gets to it and can become a similar platform. The first, by the way, that gets - the Marsh area.

Igor Butman, the saxophonist:

- I think that from all places which can choose the authorities, is better for Gajd - park the Marsh area will approach. And Bitter it is necessary to give park walking as now it have resulted in very good status. Similarly builds to arrive with Luzniki. Park in Sokolnikah far to reach. And as to the Marsh area - that it and the centre and to reach conveniently, and it is a lot of place, and then a place it is possible to tell already habitual for the indignant.

Paul to the Drill, the hockey player:

- I would choose for Gajd - park the Marsh area or Luzniki. And there and so holding a meeting and discussing citizens so it these points will be habitual act. Sokolniki it is very far, the authorities can not notice there the acting. As to park Bitter - the place for meetings not habitual is possible here again, but.

Victor Yerofeev, the writer:

- And I would offer Gajd - park to arrange in the central recreation park of a name Bitter. After all the place should be convenient for everything to reach it was simple. And here still nearby the big large forest of Neskuchniy Garden. It is a lot of place, and for discussing quite will be too.

Irina Ogilko

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