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Platini: Ukraine and Poland are ready to Euro - 2012

the President of UEFA Michel Platini has put an end in conversations of some European politicians, calling to boycott the Ukrainian part of the European championship on football.

In interview to the Italian TV channel Sky Sport head of the European football so has estimated appeals to pass Euro:

- the Policy should not interfere with sports. I repeated it many times and I will agree to differ and now. Besides if these people refuse to come on football, that, means, on tribunes will be more places for other people whom game is important. I do not think that it is that problem about which it is necessary to speak so much! For today clearly one - both Poland and Ukraine are ready to championship carrying out. How much it was the correct choice, we will see a bit later - after tournament end. Certainly, at the countries - organizers all was not smooth and it was necessary to solve set of problems. Do not forget that the European football is any more only sports, and a way to improve life of people for those countries which accept such serious event. When there is an improvement of an infrastructure and roads when they change that mark in Poland and Ukraine, there is a life improvement in these countries.

Also Platini has warned football players concerning participation in contractual matches:

- Only players can save cleanliness of football, and anybody another. They should confront with tempting of gangsters which want to destroy game. They should know that if will be caught, will never play more. It is important for knowing. All football players who sold matches, at me will never not play any more football. They will be engaged in something to another, but only not football. Thus we should protect game.

In the meantime organizers of the Ukrainian part of Euro - 2012 have informed that in days of matches the public transport which plies between objects of tournament in cities - owners, will work round the clock.

the director of tournament of UEFA of Euro has informed On it - 2012 Markijan Lubkivsky in the comment to the Information centre Ukraine - 2012 .

the Basic lines of public transport which will provide transportation of fans between official places of tournament, will work round the clock. In game days and in the morning after carrying out of a match the public transport will go with the least interval to take away all interested persons - he has told.

According to the director of tournament, the UEFA compensates to the Ukrainian cities - to owners of an expense for transportation of fans by public transport in the sum of 916 thousand euro. In particular, for Kiev indemnification will make 387 thousand euro, to Donetsk - 280 thousand Euro, to Kharkov and Lvov - on 124,5 thousand euro.

Markijan Lubkivsky has reminded that fans who are owners of tickets, can use free of charge public transport in game day and in the morning next day.

the people Accredited on matches, volunteers, representatives of mass-media also have the right to free journey to public transport during all period of tournament - from the moment of reception of accreditation and till July, 3rd, 2012.

Also curious the decision of organising committee of Euro is represented - 2012 to give the chance to fans who have got tickets for the matches beginning in 20. 45 to look at stadium at once two matches of the championship.

Translation will go on the big screen of stadium and fans invite to come on arena beforehand. On Euro arenas - 2012 will start up for 3 hours prior to the beginning of a match. Time of opening of entrance gate will be noted on the back the ticket.


English football club Manchester United again has headed the list of the most expensive sports brands which annually makes agency Brand Finance.

brand Cost Manchester United the agency has estimated in 853 million dollars. In comparison with 2011 Manchester United has risen in price for 29 percent.

the Second place in a rating of the most expensive sports brands has occupied Bavaria estimated in 786 million dollars.

Madrid Real with a brand estimation in 600 million dollars has taken place on the third line. The main rival Real in the Spanish championship - Barcelona - takes the fourth place. Brand cost Barcelonas Have estimated in 580 million dollars.

the triumpher of League of champions - London " Closes the five of the most expensive sports brands; Chelsea estimated in 398 million dollars.

For the first time in a rating there was a Russian football club: Petersburg Zenith has settled down on 42 - m a place of a rating with an indicator in 56 million dollars.