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The Ministry of Finance has headed for the accelerated privatisation

the First vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov has charged to the head of the Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanovu to find and offer yesterday actives which it would be possible favourably and to sell quickly for increase in incomes of the federal budget for privatisation.

In 2011 the government expected to receive from sale of state property about 300 billion roubles. But upon it has turned out only 126. This year in plans the same of 300 billion roubles. To lose them, expecting, when the world financial markets will calm down and for privatisation there will come more favorable times, the government does not intend. means for development are necessary To us, - Igor Shuvalov at a meeting with collective of the Ministry of Finance ascertained, representing Anton Siluanova who has been renominated by the head of financial department. - we will try to find them, including at the expense of the accelerated privatisation . Being converted to the Minister of Finance, Igor Shuvalov has advised to offer more safely state blocks of shares of actions for sale. in this question I will always support you - he has promised.

By the way, last night Igor Shuvalov has held meeting on which just discussed the new schedule of privatisation of state property, defining, what actives can be exposed on sale first of all, and with what else to wait a little.

Though for maneuver not so it is a lot of space. Considering volumes of obligations and major problems which face the government, any possibilities to fill up treasury should be used on a maximum.

Priorities of development of the country should be anyway financed, therefore we will torment you - Igor Shuvalov has warned the Minister of Finance. However has promised to listen to a position of the Ministry of Finance and to try not to support other members of the government with their ambitions on unjustified increase of state expenses.

Anton Siluanov, making comments on problems which face its department, has once again confirmed that the main things on - former still have maintenance of macroeconomic stability. we see an unstable situation in the world financial markets and should be ready to that it can to straight lines or indirectly affect the Russian economy - the minister has noted. As he said, the Ministry of Finance should create conditions which would provide stability financially - budgetary system and economy as a whole. no turbulent processes should affect execution of account obligations of the budget - Anton Siluanov has underlined.

Speaking about the state expenditure, he has noticed that the volume of the accepted obligations is great already enough. Therefore the Ministry of Finance urges not to load the budget with additional expenses, and to optimise that is. On expenses of the federal budget and budgets of regions in Russia 36 percent of gross national product are necessary, - the minister has reminded. - in some countries this indicator much less so the question of efficiency of use of budgetary funds at us costs very sharply .