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Andrey Botchkarev: on one of reconstructed lines of lanes it was not lowered

Capital roads the more close by the summer, the choke in stoppers more. Muscovites explain it reconstruction vyletnyh highways in which Moscow was engaged this year. A leah so it? To comment on a situation the correspondent has asked the head of department of building of Moscow Andrey Botchkarev.

Andrey Jurevich! Townspeople take offence: on a summer residence now at all you will not reach, stoppers became even more... Builders blame.

Botchkarev: on one of lines where reconstruction has begun, the quantity of lanes was not lowered. It is our major principle of conducting works: if in one place took a strip, in other, compensating it, have added. For example, have cleaned a border and have started up on sidewalk. If only not to narrow proezzhuju a part! To an exit on platforms, together with department of transport and traffic police, we have developed a series of measures which are necessary not to worsen a situation. For example, it is impossible from - for buildings to go directly? We form a detour route on the next streets which turn in doublers vyletnoj highways. Streets narrow? We will organise one-way traffic: we start up a stream in the centre, in the evening - from the centre in the morning. Actively we use reversive movement. Such enormous work as reconstruction 19 vyletnyh highways, cannot be business of one strojkompleksa, is the big teamwork of all municipal economy.

Builders, of course, would like, that anybody at them was not in the way...

Botchkarev: As it is better to conduct repair in apartment? Certainly, when owners do not live in it. Here and to us it would be more convenient to work on empty roads. But it is unreal, therefore we try to disturb as less as possible to the basic transport stream. In turn, it would be desirable mutual understanding and from Muscovites.

On what from 19 vyletnyh work highways are already conducted?

Botchkarev: While on six: the Warsaw, Kashirsky, Yaroslavl, Leningrad highway, highway of Enthusiasts and the Balaklavsky prospectus - Rublevsky highway. I hope, soon we leave on the Volgograd, Ryazan and Mozhaisk highway as the auctions for contract works on them should end in May. Till 2015 should make all 19.

And the first ready lines when will appear?

Botchkarev: Varshavku and Leningradku from metro station the Falcon to MKAD we plan to finish this year. But for this purpose it is necessary to be accelerated. After all it is necessary to master for a year more than 22 mlrd roubles, to reconstruct only on these two lines of 37,7 km ulichno - a high system, to construct 12 pedestrian crossings and one tunnel, 75 zaezdnyh pockets for public transport and more than 50 km of the allocated strips for buses.

you again exclude the Area of the Tver outpost from structure Leningradki...

Botchkarev: Its reconstruction we will finish in 2014. I speak with confidence as works are now renewed, carrying out of underground communications proceeds. Competition on working out of the new project of reconstruction of the area is simultaneously declared. I will remind, the former government it was planned to construct near the Belarus station large underground trading - the entertaining centre and at it - a small parking. In 2010 on the instructions of mayor Sergey Sobjanina the additional analysis as its occurrence will affect a transport situation in this place has been carried out. It was found out that stoppers will be even more. Therefore building have stopped and have decided to build underground only a multilevel parking. After competition carrying out on working out of the new project the tender for choice the contractor will be declared. Well and by the end of the year we will begin a construction of the parking and a traffic intersection. All building will take year ones and a half.

Means, we will go on reconstructed Leningradke by the Belarus station by the end 2014 - go?

Botchkarev: Perhaps, and earlier. In parallel with it we will step on Leningradke through MKAD in area. The traffic intersection there already with might and main is under construction. Additional congress towards the West should be ready by December though under its contract should construct in the second quarter 2013. Now it is obvious that by this time there is a possibility to construct and the second congress on MKAD - towards the north. Thus, one more probochnym a place will be less. Reconstruction with expansion of road and further, towards the Sheremetyevo - 1 will last.

That the such will be made on all vyletnyh highways what allows to hope for disposal of stoppers?

Botchkarev: All of them will be better, than now, are adapted for movement of public transport which will receive in total more than 460 kilometres of the allocated strips for buses - express trains and semiexpress trains. Motorists too will not lose - for them there will be 107 kilometres of new roads - doublers, and 260 km of existing lines will be reconstructed. On increase in speed of a transport stream building of elevated and underground pedestrian crossings will work - them there is more on 180, a construction of 36 platforms, bridges and tunnels, and also parkings almost on 10 thousand mashino - places. As a result carrying capacity vyletnyh highways will increase on 20 - 25 percent.

How much builders are now occupied on reconstruction of roads?

Botchkarev: About 3 thousand. By the end of the year will be to 10 thousand. And all of them work round the clock. And so will be, alas, not only in the summer, but also in the winter. Long-term constructions on roads should not be any more.

By the way

During reconstruction vyletnyh highways as has declared yesterday at session of the government of Moscow zammera Marat Husnullin, the priority is given to the most loaded directions - that is to the south and jugo - to the city east.

As he said, standard term of reconstruction of each road it decided to lower from three till two years. As a result the first 12 highways will be put in order for three years.