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The State Office of Public Prosecutor has created special division in Kuzbas

Yesterday the Public prosecutor of the Russian Federation Yury Chajka has signed the order on creation in Kuzbas the Kemerovo interdistrict Office of Public Prosecutor on supervision of execution of laws in coal-mining branch.

it is clear that creation of one more supervising structure with a disposition in Novokuznetsk is caused not by change in system of a public prosecutor`s vertical. And that checks on mines even more often reveal legislation infringements on a labour safety and safety at the coal enterprises. First of all on mines of Kuznetsk pool. Last tragedy on Raspadsky - bitter to volume an example. State of emergency has carried away lives of 67 persons.

the Official representative of the State Office of Public Prosecutor Marina Gridneva has explained that the new division is created also with a view of strengthening and perfection of public prosecutor`s supervision in this sphere . Besides, the Office of Public Prosecutor will take measures on protection of the rights of citizens on safe working conditions, under the prevention of the facts of a traumatism and accidents.

- the Special attention will be given supervision of execution of the legislation by proprietors and heads of the coal enterprises for timely and full financing of safety of work, - has underlined Gridneva. - And also on maintenance of people with individual defence means, observance of a technological mode at extraction and coal processing.

the New division also has the right to check up work of all without an exception of supervising bodies: how they provide state control on a labour safety how watch performance of the instructions? And if in time the owner or a top - the manager has not accepted measures to find out, how them have punished for inactivity? In general, to new supervising special division, to coal Office of Public Prosecutor As it have already christened in department corridors, it is authorised to apply strict measures to legislation maintenance on mines of the Kemerovo region.