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In Apsheronske unique office apartment have given to the child -

Two years ago to Nina Varennikovoj it seemed to the invalid that has for ever forgot to smile. It pressed to a breast of Nikitku, looked, how the kid tries to move on legs - stumps, and from eyes hailstones tears flew.

when the trouble has come, to Nikita was four years. At a dawn at the boy the temperature has risen, and feet have started to be ill. Mum has caused fast .   the Doctor has diagnosed quinsy has written out rinsing and has left. But to the child all became worse. During the day the fast came still twice, and the local pediatrist came. To hospitalise the child offered nobody, while Nina itself has not insisted on it. Infektsionist local hospital at once has made the terrible diagnosis meningokokkovaja an infection also ascertained: a condition of the child the heaviest. Mum asked, that them have brought to Krasnodar, but it has been made only to evening of next day. In children`s regional infectious hospital to it have told that if they have arrived at two o`clock later, the child hardly would manage to be rescued, at two o`clock earlier - the exit one - amputation would leave home on the legs, and now.    

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After a case with Nikita Grishkovym (from the father the boy still had only surname) the head physician of central regional hospital Apsheronska have dismissed with the formulation for callousness . Soon under the statement of mum have filed criminal charges. Investigation went long, but business then have closed, and without having found causally - investigatory communication between tragical consequences and actions of physicians.

In blank despair mum with the little son have returned in Apsheronsk. In this city they the sixth year. Till 25 years Nina Varennikov lived in the Chechen Gudermes, whence has run away at first to Astrakhan, and then after father Nikitki - to Kuban. But the family has not developed, and they with the kid remained together. Now at Nina the ten years` status of the refugee and the same experience of expectation of own corner. to misfortune with my son I did not ask the help, itself earned to us on life and rented apartment. But now I anywhere do not work, because constantly I am with Nikita, and its pension hardly suffices on payment of demountable habitation are lines from the letter to the governor of edge. Nina tried to get to it on reception three times, some times addressed in writing, but in the answer received only formal replies. Regional officials explained to it, as it is a lot of compelled immigrants on Kuban and what to accelerate its turn it is not obviously possible …

it Time and again went cap in hand and in regional administration, however home came back with the same result. And here recently in area head was replaced, and Nina has decided to register to it in reception.

- I in area the person new, therefore knew nothing about this history, - the head of Apsheronsky area Andrey Kravchenko tells. - when has listened to Nina, anything to it at once did not begin to promise, but for itself has decided that I will necessarily find, how to it to help. In edge has learnt that apartment receptions as the compelled immigrant she can wait as early as years five. In a similar situation it is simply inadmissible. From the head kvartirno - legal service has learnt that the municipality posesses office apartment in which lives one of our officials. Has invited him, have talked. The colleague has understood all.

the Call has found it in St.-Petersburg where Nikitke do artificial limbs. The kid just tried on them when at Nina the mobile phone has rung out.   the decision   is accepted; about allocation to you of apartment - she has heard and with happiness could not constrain emotions. And doctors and sisters from medical clinic, having learnt about joyful event in life of their small patient from Kuban, have rushed to embrace him together with mum.
on artificial limbs Nikita has risen one and a half years ago. Since then they already four times came to St.-Petersburg - on correction of artificial legs. Prosthetics pays social insurance fund, do not leave without support and kind people. Many, by the way, have learnt about a trouble of Nikitki from publications of century    

- One sent toys and books, others - remittances, - Nina tells. The man once has called, has heard that I going to conduct the child on consultation to Krasnodar, and we have agreed to meet. When has seen me with Nikitkoj on hands, has told that I will overstrain, if it I will constantly drag. Then we have gone to bank, it has drawn out money and has given them to me with words: buy the car and learn to go . I even do not know its surname, only a name - Volodja.

While dragged the little son on hands, Nina has earned a backbone hernia, and to her just right to lay down on operation. But now   easier: on a city they go by the car, truth on distant trips it yet does not risk. Nikita has confidently enough learnt to go on artificial limbs, and mum could give it to a kindergarten. All children very much love it, and tutors try to make so that the boy did not feel the physical inability. Now to it six and a half years and this autumn Nikita is going to go to school.

  When - that he dreamt to become the football player, and here once Nina together with the son has come on training in local detsko - youthful sports school. it is possible, we will look, how children drive a ball? - she has asked trainer Vladimir Galichenko. And that has unexpectedly suggested Nikitke most to become the member of team. Together with boys he participates now in warm-up and even catches a ball. Drive it across the field, of course, cannot, but Nina believes that when - that the son will rise on touch artificial limbs which will allow it even to run. Similar prosthetics successfully do abroad, however it costs huge money. It is necessary to hope for allocation of the state quota or to the aid philanthropists.

Well for now Nina with Nikitkoj pack suitcases and prepare for moving. By the way,   keys from own two-room apartment have handed over to them on first of June - in International   day of protection of children.