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Alexey Kudrin: For ten years of expenditure of the budget have grown four times

In June the Ministry of Finance will make to the amendment government to the budget of 2010, has informed yesterday to journalists vitse - the prime minister, Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin.

As he said, they provide economy in 100 billion roubles which at first wanted to direct on support of the Russian banks. However, on what this money will go, the minister has not specified.

This conversation has taken place at scientific conference Strategy - 2010 on which authors well-known Gref`s reforms including Herman Gref, partly with nostalgia, partly with enthusiasm summed up last decade economic development of the country. Also formulated painful calls on immediate prospects.

According to Kudrin, after specification of priorities of the amendment to the budget provide not only economy, but also still bolshy deficiency of the Pension fund. However new line of comprehension to which the state has approached, is, according to Kudrin, an inefficiency of budgetary expenses, and everywhere - in public health services, formation, the defensive order, road building. for these ten years of expenditure of the budget have grown in 4 times, - Kudrin has noted. - in attempt all to finance we allowed to lift expenses on 20 - 30 percent - he has added. As bitter truth the minister has added that thus, at effectively working enterprises taxes " got;.

And if the similar approach to the budget remains from the ministries and departments - and their appetites on section of the state pie, according to the minister, grow every year - that it will be one of the main brakes of economic growth. Understand, the main Russian financier has addressed further from a liberal tribune to the invisible opponents, - money undertakes not from the budget and not from the Central bank, they are created by economic " environment;. And if, the minister has continued the thought, in a spinal cord there is an understanding that such key parametres as the rouble exchange rate and inflation in the country, will restrain very much, and game rules for participants of the market to remain stable then also banks for 10 years will give out credits, will start to invest more safely. And then on 1 rouble simulated by the state economy will earn 5, 10, 15 roubles, and the population will bring savings on deposits. Here to you and a financial resource for modernisation, Kudrin has concluded. And while such understanding is not present, it conducts economy by the way of increase of taxes, to increase in fiscal loading at each working Russian. Thus Kudrin has underlined that it does not frighten . However has let know that the state, as a matter of fact, has appeared today before a choice: or to raise efficiency of budgetary expenses, and it means at the smaller, limited resources it is better to treat, learn, construct roads, or to optimise the taken social obligations, that is to freeze pensions. However, the last will not be. cannot at rather high standards of life in Russia average pension make 6 thousand roubles, and rupture with the minimum salary to be in 23 percent - Kudrin has explained.

One more call which is dictated by a present economic situation, according to Kudrin, is watershed search between the state and business. it is necessary to draw at last accurate line - Kudrin has told. As he said, the state should increase the role in acceptance and execution of laws, strict arbitration, to regulate the markets, but not to interfere with them. Today, unfortunately the minister, at the expense of administrative state decisions develop such sektory the market, as shipbuilding, and including the most competitive - motor industry. However, Kudrin connects hopes of economic break with an economy diversification. Thus, as he said, one project Skolkovo will not decide destiny of innovations in Russia. Technoparks, small enterprises at high schools are necessary, it is a lot of - much attached to a wide range of the scientific venture funds capable and to introduce scientific workings out, and to gain on it money. Only all it in a complex will lead to break., By the way, Kudrin does the big rate on forthcoming Sankt - the Petersburg economic international forum which will pass 17 - on June, 18th. On this platform, as he said, the government by means of leading economic experts should to verify priorities and key links On which it should concentrate in the long term.

vitse - the premiere has supported Concern and eks - head minekonomrazvitija and trade, and nowadays the head of the Savings Bank Herman Gref. As he said, full years it is not necessary to wait for Russia, and an epoch ultrahigh (130 dollars) the prices for oil - behind. It means that modernisations of Russia nevertheless not to avoid. But it, according to Gref, is impossible without elements of a political competition, competition doubling in economy and absolutely new administrative shots. Here Herman Gref has addressed to lessons reforms of the name . there is Not enough efforts we have spent for power reform, have missed formation - Gref has listed the main errors. Today, in its opinion, for Russia crucial the new group of people, new fresh heads which would possess all store of knowledge of riches which are turned out in the world. Reforms go right when three factors incorporate: political will, group of support and their leader - Gref has summed up. Also has in plain terms designated, perhaps, the most dangerous tendency on the near future - unfairly low rate of refinancing of the Central Bank, not reflecting real economic picture. the bank system is not ready to such low interest rates - Gref has warned. As he said, low credit rates create unjustified optimism at investors also stimulate their desire to leave in unjustified risks. we can receive a considerable quantity of non-realised projects which can appear including on balances of banks .

the head of the Savings Bank is much more optimistical concerns leaving under deposits from euro ordinary investors. According to Gref, such trend is, but it has no critical character. Gref has with satisfaction noticed that the citizens, wishing to save up the accumulation, is correct have decayed on three currencies: to rouble, euro and to dollar.