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Jumps on the Cup of the president of the Russian Federation the Chechen stallion has won Khoresm

In Rostov-on-Don grandiose jumps have taken place - eight different prizes have been played, including   the Cup of the president of the Russian Federation. The main prize has gone to the Chechen Republic, it was won by a stallion from Ramzana Kadyrov`s stable on a nickname Khoresm.

In the Don capital of races on a prize of the president were spent to the second time. Last year they passed on the Moscow hippodrome and then the victory has got to a stallion on a nickname the Monomove from the Rostov region. This time the right to struggle for a presidential prize challenged   22 racers from different regions of Russia, but are direct to their arrival remains only 12, the others have removed at a preliminary stage.

racers from Ramzana Kadyrov`s stable, which   were considered as Favourites of races; it is considered one of the best in the country and as it has appeared, knowingly. The stallion on a nickname Khoresm though and a little pootstal on start, having passed forward itself of heels of contenders, on the distance middle has left all far behind and finished in proud loneliness.

the Main prize of races of this year leaves to Grozny. Having been deeply moved, the president of the Chechen Republic has kissed the winner.