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The consequence establishes persons of the women who were near to a place of act of terrorism in Stavropol

Investigatory management SKP the Russian Federation across Stavropol Territory has extended three photos on which are fixed   some women, were in day of act of terrorism on May, 26th in the centre of Stavropol near a building of Palace of culture. Also has addressed to these women or persons who have learnt them, with the request   to communicate with inspectors.

On the first of three photos two young women in the dark glasses, standing at a bench on which the female bag and a package lies are represented.   stand directly about a place where the bomb has been put.   in the second photo are embodied the three young girls sitting on a bench, on the third photo - the young woman going by shops   about Palace of culture. Photos are made from enough big distance, but about that, whence they are received, in the interests of the investigation is not disclosed.

- We are called by many people, but while anybody, from the persons embodied   in these photos   or the one who knows them, to us has not called, - has informed the senior assistant administrator of SOU SKP the Russian Federation on edge Ekaterina Danilov, - investigatory management asks the women who were represented in photos and were on May, 26th near a building of Palace of culture and sports, and also persons who have learnt them, to call by inspectors on duty to phone 8 962 441 02 21 (works in a round-the-clock mode) for the decision of a question on their participation in investigatory actions. Also we ask all other citizens who were near Palace of culture to and during explosion, to call by the same phone.

the Chief of a regional emergency response centre on liquidation of consequences CHS, vitse - the prime minister of the government   Stavropol Territory Sergey Ushakov at a briefing on Tuesday has told to journalists that for today the situation in edge is stable also the bases for its complication is not present. Nevertheless, law enforcement bodies draw duty in the strengthened mode, giving particular attention to actions with the big congestion of people.

- All from act of terrorism has suffered 51 persons, but this number can be corrected, - Ushakov has underlined, - as there is a probability that not all who has got under a sight of terrorists, have addressed in medical institutions.   now in hospitals of Stavropol there is 31 victim. The psychological help appears all needing.

Ushakov also has noticed that to children who have suffered from actions of terrorists, free treatment on resorts   will be given; the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

In the meantime

With the request to help to an investigation to citizens management of FSB of Russia across Stavropol Territory has addressed - is searched two young men who, probably, were witnesses of preparing act of terrorism.

Their signs - age till 30 years, growth 175 - 180 sm, an average constitution. Are dressed: one in a light shirt, another - in a light T-shirt. some minutes prior to explosion they were at the corner of cafe the Aquarium after - have gone towards Lenin`s street.

the Request to young men, and also to all who saw and knows something about a site of these citizens, to call by in regional management of FSB to phone: (8652 224 - 300 - have told in a press - management service.