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Borders of St.-Petersburg extend at the expense of gulf of Finland

Idea of an alluvium of territory in water area of gulf of Finland expressed time and again. The reason - insignificant quantity of the ground resources which have remained free.

Therefore last year the chairman of city committee on town-planning and architecture (KGA) Julia Kiselyov has declared necessity to estimate alluvium possibility by an example the Sea facade . The idea about increase in borders of St.-Petersburg almost on 400 hectares at the expense of water area of gulf of Finland was supported by the government of Northern capital, and in the end of the year and the Federation Council. The volume package of corresponding amendments is now prepared and procedure of public hearings of a new variant of the General plan is started.

According to Julia Kiselevoj, the alluvium of new artificial territories will be carried out in Resort area, and also will mention an insignificant part of territory of Seaside area along coast of gulf of Finland between the Fox Nose and Sestroretsk.

As deputy director GU " has explained; NIPTS the General layout of St.-Petersburg Yury Bakej, amendments which will be brought in 15 cartographical appendices to the General layout, will legalise occurrence of the new artificial areas under building, and also change functional zoning of territories adjoining to them that is connected with maintenance of a zone of an alluvium with objects of an engineering infrastructure .

it is already declared that again formed earths will be broken into two sites - southern and northern. The territory to the north from the Tarhovsky forest park is taken away by the area of 60 hectares under objects of sports. The basic part of an alluvium, in area Mountain - Tarhovka, the area more than 310 hectares - under the multipurpose building including a zone by a multiroom vein and socially - business building. It is thus underlined that in design decisions possibility of creation only low and sredneetazhnogo habitation (four - five floors) will be put. Any high-rise building it is not planned. It will be one of conditions at attraction to development of territories of investors - chapter KGA has noted.

Under future transformations will get and already built up territories, in particular a coastal zone between coast of gulf of Finland and Seaside highway. Now individual housing building, and to the north of an alluvium - garage co-operative society here settles down. All these private territories, according to Julia Kiselevoj, are already transferred last autumn under complex development, and problems with proprietors will dare only in a legal field : At development of territory objects or will remain, or compensatory payments or alternative sites will be given owners. The total area of building of new territories will make about 2 million square metres. One only habitation will erect on 60 thousand inhabitants, and alluvial socially - business establishments will create an order of 20 thousand workplaces.

One of the major questions - ecological. Defenders of the nature are afraid that realisation of these plans together with new ports which also are supposed to be created in alluvial territories, can negatively affect a condition of an ecosystem of the Neva lip and consequently insist on carrying out of complex ecological examination. In turn, the authorities promise that within the limits of the further realisation of the project ecological examination will be necessarily spent. As to the Tarhovsky forest park which destiny also disturbs ecologists, that, according to Yury Bakeja, this territory will not change and on - former remains a zone of green plantings of the general using.

Experts mark: at development of new territories can arise and other problems. First of all deficiency of engineering communications and power sources, and also insufficiently developed transport infrastructure. According to Julia Kiselevoj, on these earths, most likely, it is necessary to build or power sources of considerable capacity, or a transmission line of the big extent. Besides, here it is planned to erect local treatment facilities, gazoraspredelitelnuju station and objects of a heat supply. Thus maintenance of Resort area, and already then - alluvium territories becomes a priority for these networks. Also the further development of objects of a road economy and in such a manner that transport streams will get divorced from Seaside highway on the north to outcomes of the Western high-speed diameter and a ring highway is planned. Thus, experts consider, building of objects of a road infrastructure not only will not aggravate a transport problem in a city, but also will give the chance to unload a number of highways, positive impact on transport availability of territory will make.

- When in this territory all problems, both on presence sotskultbyta will be solved, and on parking spaces and gardening, here there will be actually ideal picture, - the main architect of St.-Petersburg Yury Mitjurev is assured.

the Auctions on complex development of territory of the new earths in gulf of Finland promise to spend this year. Building is supposed to be begun not earlier than 2015.