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In Murmansk the national program " slips; Accessible habitation

the Room question remains a problem for the average Russian. But for murmanchan it costs especially sharply.

Unlike other regions where the habitation is under construction, here last years are erected mainly trading - entertaining and business - the centres. The basic part of city quarters is made by five-floor five-storey apartment blocks and panel devjatietazhki. And it yet the most bad variant as many northerners live till now in shabby wooden houses with conveniences in court yard. Not numerous new buildings are inaccessible to the majority of northerners.

Why the all-Russian program on improvement of living conditions of the citizens, declared in September, 2005, hopelessly slips in the Polar region? What it is necessary to make to push its realisation? We have addressed for answers to fulfilling duties of the minister of building and territorial development of Murmansk area to Andrey Vorobevu.

: Andrey Mihajlovich, in any Russian city today the elevating crane - an integral part of a city landscape. Murmansk in this respect considerably differs: any crane on horizon. Why so?

Andrey Vorobev: Mass building is impossible from - for absence of documents of territorial planning in the majority of municipal unions of area. Today they are available only in sixteen of forty two municipalities. During ones and a half - two years we will finish working out of this documentation without which planning of development of Murmansk area is impossible. And only after that we can form sites under housing construction, including under the individual. Now these sites simply are absent, there are no cadastral plans. And it means that there are no specifications of joining to networks. Whereas on the auctions it is necessary to give sites with ready engineering communications.

RG: But after all the national project Accessible habitation started not yesterday. How it has turned out, what till now there are no cadastral plans?

Sparrows: The matter is that by territorial planning have started to be taken only two years ago. And after all it is very laborious work as, unlike the general plan, concrete details here are specified: where houses where squares where there will be a cottage settlement are broken are under construction.

RG: In Scandinavia today it is popular so-called the independent house : modern technologies allow to erect comfortable habitation in any place, without becoming attached to the general water supply and heating. Here and at an exhibition the Expo - the House houses with individual systems of heating and the water drain were shown. Why the useful innovations which for a long time have become in other countries by norm, do not find for us wide practical application?

Sparrows: the Independent blessings of a civilisation basically are applicable in individual housing construction. In many-storeyed houses to organise it it is much more difficult... Unfortunately, our area considerably lags behind other regions on habitation building. So, during the current year it will be entered a maximum of 50 thousand square metres. Whereas in other areas it is entered to one and a half millions squares...

RG: In what the reason of such backlog?

Sparrows: it is a lot of Reasons. It both a severe climate, and a difficult relief. Besides recently number of inhabitants of region in general and Murmansk in particular has sharply fallen: for last five years us became less on 150 thousand. Thus the area population grows old. So, applies for moving to warmer edges. Besides we have enterprises with especially severe conditions of work for which workers the pension age begins from 45 years. The quantity of pensioners in the ratio with citizens of active age increases. Therefore at us the program of resettlement of northerners operates. It is necessary for developing, as the turn to leave interested persons is very great.

RG: But reduction of number of inhabitants of area at all does not remove a problem sharpness. After all it is a question not so much of quantity of habitation, how many about its quality. If the family lives in the rotted through barrack it is impossible to consider that it is provided by habitation...

Sparrows: I agree. But know, in what paradox? Even if serious investors with whom we will provide with the sites prepared duly under building not the fact that they could realise the habitation erected to them would come.

RG: Then, maybe, to builders followed moderate the appetites?

Sparrows: the High prices for new buildings are defined not by so much desire to receive superprofit, how many the objective reasons. We will tell, on today`s norms on each person should be a minimum of 33 square metres, for two - 42. And plus on each subsequent member of a family increases on 18 metres. Accordingly, cost of comfortable apartment for an average family even if strictly to adhere established minregionom to cost of square metre in 24 thousand roubles, comes nearer to three millions roubles.

RG: But paternal then the habitation abroad can be bought for the ready smaller sum? And not less, and more comfortable, with the final finishing which has been arranged well by territory, other pleasures of life?

Sparrows: the Low prices speak first of all the low cost price of building: all is under construction from own, instead of imported materials. Whereas at us in area own building base practically is absent, all should be delivered. And as we - region of the Far North a cost of transportation is great. Plus warehousing and storage of building materials. As a result comfortable habitation in a new building even if it will be realised at floor prices, can get only 10 - 15 percent of the population. Besides psychology of the majority of inhabitants of the North - psychology of favourites. People save money in due course to leave and get apartment or the house in a midland.

RG: Means, comfortable and accessible habitation for northerners is a myth?

Sparrows: At all is not present. But, in my opinion, the problem should be solved differently: the state should give habitation to inhabitants of region on the terms of social hiring. That the person could work easy, without distracting on the decision of household problems. And at the same time to postpone the necessary sum if suddenly will decide to move to more favorable climate in due course. Yes, certainly, in building of this social habitation it is necessary to put up money, and considerable. But it is necessary to do it to fix in the north highly-skilled personnel. That young men got families, gave birth and brought up children. Therefore two basic programs which we now develop, is the Young family and Resettlement from shabby habitation . Special hopes we assign on sredneetazhnoe bystrovozvodimoe habitation: comfortable, meeting modern requirements under power savings.

RG: So-called social habitation?

Sparrows: It will be ekonomzhile a social orientation. It corresponds to all parametres of the European requirements. The pilot project starts this year. The program is calculated on the next five years.

RG: Murmansk and other cities of area basically consist of high-rise buildings. Whereas our northern neighbours live in cosy small houses with small sites. Whether becomes when - nibud a native Polar region same?

Sparrows: I Think, low building is the most perspective. And not only because on northern hills small houses look much more attractively typical apartment houses. On modern technologies the comfortable low house can be constructed on a turn-key basis within several months. But at the same time we continue searches of investors on mass many-storeyed building. The first territorial plans already prepare for the publication.