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The Valdai club has discussed the Russian history and modernisation

It is rather courageous from organizers a step to collect people with such opposite views by one ship - the professor of the Russian history at the London school of economy of Dominik Liven has joked.

However, the British participant of the Valdai club has precisely enough expressed an essence of those discussions which have taken place by the steam-ship Kronstadt the following from Petersburg to Kizhi and further to Valaam. That the permanent chairman of a forum the dean of faculty of world economy and world politics GU - the Higher school of economy Sergey Karaganov named capaciously and simply: an intellectual feast .

Souchrediteli Valdai - RIA Novosti news agency and Council about the external and defensive policy have solved, as well as last year, to hold the next session of club on water. To participants of a meeting which will last till September, 7th, it is offered as much as possible Disputed the agenda. The general theme - Russia: History and the future development . Political scientists and journalists should consider the reasons of concentration of the power in our country, to understand with its history, to estimate modernisation prospects, to find out, how to Moscow to build the relations with neighbours of the near abroad. Also it is only small part of the planned agenda.

It is expected that on Friday professor Karaganov will present the analytical report of the international debatable club Valdai under the name To the union of Europe . And late at night on Wednesday in Disko - a bar the steam-ship a member and the lifelong secretary of French Academy of Sciences Elen Karer d, Ankos has held presentation of the new book Russian trouble. An essay about political murder .

For the first time in the club which has collected in this year over 30 Russian and almost 40 foreign participants, the new program which has received the name " has been started; the Index of Valdai . This electronic project sets as the purpose to receive answers of intellectual elite to nine questions, influencing development of Russia. Results of it sotsoprosa will be presented during a meeting of representatives of club with prime minister Vladimir Putin.

By rules of a forum of participants of debatable sessions it is possible to quote in a press, but without instructions of authors of performances. This scheme gives the chance valdajtsam to carry on dialogue in a free mode. Responding about results of the first day of work of the club, almost all my interlocutors have designated them in a word pessimism . However, German political scientist Alexander Rar more precisely to explain the relation to the ideas stated by colleagues, has added to a word pessimism capacious definition - Note or traditional .

As an evident illustration by first day of the discussion devoted to the Russian history and prospects of modernisation, the director of the Russian and Asian programs of Institute of world safety of the USA Nikolay Zlobin has told about one case from the life. Some years ago the commission of experts, present participants of the Valdai club, has gathered for a party. Among its visitors were both Americans, and Russian. More close by the night the alcohol, as usual, has ended. Americans have immediately suggested to run in the next shop - before its closing remains minutes 10. We will be in time - they convinced gathered visitors. But Russian opposed them: it is not necessary to run anywhere, you will not be in time . While there was a discussion of pessimists and optimists, the shop, certainly, was closed. And for feast continuation it was required much more efforts than in case the point of view of Anglo-Saxons would prevail.

many foreign participants paid attention To this feature of the Russian approach at session of the Valdai club. The Russian political scientists in more gloomy paints gave estimations to historical prospects. In their opinion, the position of Russia in the nearest 20 - will be defined 25 years by the end of former empire and consequences of this end . However, there was also other point of view: it is necessary for Russia to struggle against historical fatalizma and existing inertia in a society carries long-term, but not eternal character. the new generation any more does not carry khan Batyja in itself - one of participants of club was figuratively expressed.

As to modernisation prospects here the points of view were divided. Many Russian participants spoke about braking of this process, absence for it necessary conditions. They suggested to refuse temporarily this term and to accumulate forces Putting means in training of youth for the future modernisations . Foreigners have appeared, as well as the chairman of the Valdai club Sergey Karaganov, the big optimists concerning modernisation predicted. From their point of view, the Russian intelligency should offer how to go forward . And as the first step to the future development Russians should to overcome deep doubts in possibilities of the country .