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Where - that Sofia Coppolas - the first applicant for prizes of the Venetian film festival

to Get on the official premiere of the Russian film Porridge on Saturday it was almost impossible: the hall has been hammered under an outset. Looked in absolute, rare here to silence, after the termination have arranged chetvertchasovuju a standing ovation.

But as I already marked once, it actually absolutely nothing does not mean: a standing applause on prime ministers here, as well as in Kanne, almost indispensable ritual. More important and more unusually another: the jury by definition is obliged to store an unperturbable kind. But Tarantino in infringement of all norms too roughly gave a standing ovation to a film crew. It already something costs.

very quite good estimations have exposed to a film in a daily rating of magazine Variety which here does the special releases. 20 critics of leading world editions (Russian among them is not present and does not happen) participate in jury it. 3 critics have put to a five film (the highest point), 4 - on a three, the others on the four or the four and a half. However, the critic from Il Manifesto has exposed the two. But as a whole it while the best indicators in a rating.

The further we go deep into competition, the it is more at our film appears strong contenders. One of the main favourites of the press and public, as well as it was necessary to expect, there was a satire of Sofia of Coppola Where - that .

the Picture begins the long static plan which is read as a metaphor settling a picture: on the screen on a vicious circle, growling, magnificent Peugeot rushes. Around the desert, penalties rushes anywhere and anywhere. A film - a long, detailed exposition of such life proceeding anywhere and anywhere not directed. It snatches out pieces of this life and gives them in real time.

the Hero - Johnny Marko`s well-known film actor. Any beauty is ready to be given to it. It is waited for by a city and the country, meeting with a train and giving it the best numbers of the best hotels.

It is life without the house, all proceeds in hotels, cars, planes and helicopters. It is life where women change so often that Johnny falls asleep at a show of specially caused dancers at a pole, it even is capable zahrapet at the moment of bed passion. It is life where it is impossible to leave on number balcony that the girl on a balcony below has not started to undress immediately.

On idea, not life, and dream. But Johnny in it as the sleepwalker. It in crowd is lonely and lost. He talks to friends, acquaintances and those whom will not remember, smiling by inertia, on the automatic machine. And all the same sits on these parti one, drinks up as in a fog beer or whisky - on - the - rocks. Too by inertia, without feeling taste.

In the beginning of a film it will fall down from a ladder, will break a hand and all picture will go in plaster. Make-up artists too will immure it in a plaster mask and when it will remove, he with amazement will see itself(himself) in extreme old age.

It always hardly unshaven and hardly swelled up, but obajashka. It is played by Stephen Dorff ( Towers - twins ).

on a press - conferences to Johnny`s superstar set lunaticheskie questions:

- you would like to arrive to China?

- D - yes...

Removed from a back, for an instant there will be Alexander Nevsky in a role of the Russian reporter, will speak in a bass something not less unintelligible.

Then Johnny it is necessary to fly to Milan where to it will hand over award Telegatto (" like mad; the Telecat ) - The real-life television award the Gold cat in real-life ceremony. And it will be peak of the total absurdity overflowing life of Johnny both making its essence and sense. In roles of figures of show - business real figures of show - business have acted in film.

Sofia Coppola with its faultless director`s scent has precisely picked up in pair to Stephen Dorffu Ell Fenning for a role of his daughter - the only thing of a being which gives lives sense. The unique person of a female whom Johnny on - to the present loves. It is that Ell Fenning who has acted in recently Andrey Konchalovsky`s film the Nutcracker and the Russian director waits, when 12 - the summer actress hardly will grow up to remove with it Romeo and Juliette . It is really good: it is beyond the years developed, perfectly feels the partner, it is capable to express without words the whole scale of feelings. Without a posing touch, it already present professional movie star.

the Film, having hanged together with the hero anywhere together with it does not move anywhere and to what will not come. It is possible to consider it as a lack, and it is possible - director`s boldness because nothing will express better character of star life, than this zavisshy a film. Removed with skill, it is very witty and with remarkable - hidden, hardly notable - irony.

Here also there was one more applicant for prizes. Not great, not ingenious, but very good film in which even clear curiosity of crowd to details of a star life is used at level and with a view of art.

a not less impatiently expected drama of Dzhuliana Shnabelja Miral has unexpectedly disappointed and has ended with whistles. This film concerns a specific genre of missionary cinema. It concerns history of conflicts between Palestinians and the Israelis, begun with the moment of creation of the state Israel and, seemingly, not having hopes to stop. The history is shown through destinies of three generations of women which try to bring a humanity shred in this permanent war. The first, Hind Hussejni, selects in the street some tens children, after bombardment remained without parents, and will organise for them boarding school. Here goes at its finest the Rural teacher only more pathos and without Mark Donsky`s temperament. This school leaves also Miral which have lost mother in 12 years.

Miral has grown ideological (it plays ardent Freud Pinto). We get on a meeting, where a lot of revolutionary rhetoric on themes of national identity and social responsibility. For reliability the historical chronicle showing atrocities of the Israeli soldiery on the occupied Palestinian earths is included in a film.

As a result of Miral, the Israeli, becomes the convinced Palestinian, even will adjoin terrorist movement. To us will show, how this problem of mutual hatred of two people which are at war for a place in the sun is difficult, and as its decision will offer utopian dream of the multinational state, a melting copper of the nations, like New York.

the Picture is removed under the book of memoirs of Hind Hussejni, but life not always the good playwright, and in a plot a lot of casual and superfluous. There is also surprising for the director of calibre of Shnabelja an untidiness in details and especially in work with children. The film applying for documentation of a basis, seems uninhabited.

And any more for the first time on this Mostre the question boils: it is best of 4 thousand seen otborshchikami tapes?! Or the festival cinema is such cinema on which voluntary nobody will go to a cinema?