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The living wage in Moscow suburbs has grown on 92 roubles

On 92 roubles, or for 1,5 percent, the living wage in Moscow suburbs in the second quarter of this year in comparison with the first quarter has grown. It has made 6,379 thousand roubles.

According to Minister of Economics Vyacheslav Krymova, for able-bodied population the living wage is equal 7142 roubles, pensioners - 4636, and for children - 5995 roubles. Cost of the minimum set of foodstuff of a consumer`s basket has increased almost by 4 percent - to 2212 roubles. neprodovolstvennye have risen in price less, therefore their minimum set has grown on 15 roubles - to 813 roubles. And cost of the minimum set of services has decreased for 0,3 percent, having made 2886 roubles. On obligatory payments and gathering expenses of inhabitants of area have on the average grown up for 1,5 percent, their size makes 468 roubles. As Krymov has underlined, in the second quarter in comparison with the first the payment of citizens for heating on the average on area has decreased, as in separate municipal unions have passed to seasonal payment of these services.