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In Warsaw to head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia have promised to demilitarise relations with Moscow

Not so long ago such even it was difficult to present to itself. However yesterday it happens: head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia in Warsaw was the visitor of meeting of all Polish ambassadors. However, before the sad page Russian will be definitively closed - the Polish opposition, nevertheless it is necessary to take one more important step.

There are no doubts that this time ambassadors of Poland in the different states went to Warsaw with a great interest. After all the meeting with the head of foreign policy department of the state was coming them, which else last year in the Polish capital at presidential level named the main enemy. Negotiations with Washington about placing in territory of Poland of the American rockets are still fresh in memory. At this all it was clear, against whom they will be directed.

But it became gradually obvious that the people of Poland began to be tired of those politicians who continued to convince the electorate: Russia is not better than Soviet Union. At first on a wave of future changes in polsko - the Russian relations Donald Tusk became the prime minister. It did not hide that is ready to open new page in contacts to Moscow.

Then there was a terrible tragedy near Smolensk, and Poles have suddenly realised - in Russians there is nothing artful and hypocritical. The grief was the general. The brother of the victim in an air crash near Smolensk the president of Poland Lech Kaczynski wanted was to return Poles in an embitternment condition to east to the neighbour. But it has not turned out. Bronislav Komorovsky which was completely agree with a position of Tuska about relations with Moscow became the new head of the Polish state.

it was followed by the invitation to Sergey Lavrovu from its colleague from Warsaw. And, to underline importance and uniqueness of a situation, Radoslav Sikorsky has decided not to be limited to exclusively bilateral negotiations. He has called Lavrova on the most important meeting of the Polish diplomats. Where to the Russian minister have not simply listened, and have set to it set of questions. Much, undoubtedly, depended on sincerity of answers. And, judging by Sikorsky`s followed reaction, in Warsaw remained are happy with the heard.

According to the Polish minister, Poland and Russia are satisfied by dynamics of development of mutual relations. visit of minister Lavrova to that acknowledgement - Sikorsky on joint has explained a press - conferences, having noticed that the figure of the Russian minister becomes very popular in Poland: so numerous presence of the Polish press on this a press - conferences testifies that we are not indifferent each other . Also has promised that Warsaw Will aspire to demilitarisation polsko - the Russian relations in favour of development of economic contacts of two countries .

This time Laurels was not going to argue with the Polish colleague: Now our relations are on lifting. The reason for it not only that tragedy in Smolensk, but also aspiration of our people to normalise the relation and to live on - chelovecheski, on - neighbour`s . Thus Laurels has expressed confidence that it will be possible to resolve problems which, unfortunately, still remain in our relations .

And some of questions at issue, obviously, it will be possible to resolve till the end of this year. we count that mister Medvedev will visit Poland this year - Sikorsky has declared. Concrete terms of visit while are co-ordinated. Nevertheless the Polish minister did not begin to hide that already at full speed there is a preparation Package of documents and agreements which will be signed during visit of the Russian president .